tuesday morning catch ups.

/1/ The first catch up is an oldie. This is Will, all dressed up for his school's annual music show, which happened at the end of last month. I was glad that I took a picture of him BEFORE the show, because after the show, we were in a mad dash to just get the heck out. The show didn't start until 7:30p, and including the school director's rambling, it didn't end until almost 9p. Way too late for a bunch of little kids (and me). But as for my little star, he did pretty well. Mostly participated and when he didn't, I am sure it was due to exhaustion.
/2/ I include a lunch note in Anna's lunchbox everyday. The other day, I found one in MY lunchbox from her :)
My lunch love note.
/3/ For the past 6 years, the only books I read were literally children's books...but that is about to change. I have just inherited the hubs' old Kindle Paperwhite and I can't wait to start reading for myself again. You won't find me with my nose in literary classics, though. Trashy pop novels all the way - first up, Shopaholic to the Stars :)

/4/ Right now, the kids are super into Perler beads. I find them sitting at the dining table first thing in the morning and then again as soon as they are back from school. Since we don't use our formal dining table, they can just leave the mess out and go back to it anytime, which makes it convenient. As I write this post, I wish I had taken a picture of all their creations. Oh well, next time.

/5/ Oh, and they are also loving Lego blocks (the kiddie ones) lately. They build big structures and make up stories and play for hours on end. And to think they had completely forgotten about those blocks until one night last week when I told them to "leave me alone" and randomly then shouted "go play with blocks!"

/6/ I am looking forward to book our Williamsburg vacation! I already know the dates when we are going, which resort we want to stay, and every other last detail, but just waiting for when we are within 60 days to book because that's when the price will be discounted up to 50%. When I do, I plan to write a post on secrets to have a great family vacation in Williamsburg without spending a bunch!


  1. What did Will do in the music show? Sing songs?

  2. Awww, soooo sweet that Anna left YOU a note! So sweeeeeet!!

    Yay for getting back to reading! I love my Paperwhite so hopefully you'll like it too. Can you borrow e-books from your library? I try to do that but sometimes it's a long waitlist (because they only have 1 copy of an e-book. WHY?!).

    So the kids put together the beads and then you melt them later for them? I like them too! I think J too but not O yet.

    J looooves Legos, maybe you already knew that. It's so cute when O gets into them and they have imaginary play with a mom, dad, and kids and then I get confused if they're talking to me or if they're talking to their Legos.

    Looking forward to your tips on vacationing in Williamsburg!

    1. yup about the beads. and just like Jane commented below, it keeps them busy for a long time and i love that!

  3. That is such a sweet note indeed!
    My kids enjoy perler beads too. I like them because it keeps them entertained for a long, long time :)
    Love to hear the tips on Williamsburg as well. My husband travels close to that area for work from time to time; we may have to tag along some time and make a little vacation out of it.

  4. Just want to add one note that I missed in the blog post:

    -- few weeks before the music show, Will kept on repeating what he heard at school. "The teacher said we have to be at Oakton High School at 7 o' clock." "When we get to Oakton High School, we have to potty first." Soooooo cute!


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