friday morning catch ups.

No ground-breaking news, just want to document our regular everyday.
/1/We planted some basil seeds last weekend, and by Tuesday this week, they have already sprouted :) Kids are excited, but I am even more excited because I just love growing basils in the summer. Now that I know exactly how to harvest to encourage growth, I always end up with too much. So not only I add them to all my cooking, but I also give them away to whoever I see. I will probably wait for another week or two before transplanting these seedlings to their permanent home, our little herb garden. By the way, these cute watering can pots (including the basil seeds and potting soil) were gifts from the school's PTA to us for volunteering. I am especially happy that I am actually using them, instead of tossing them somewhere. 

/2/ While the basils are just beginning to grow, my cilantro has been going nuts for a while now. Do you like cilantro? They seriously make everything taste gourmet. From what I read, cilantro grows best in the spring, so I guess it makes sense. When the weather gets warm, cilantro grows tall and flowers, and the harvest season ends. Interesting!! I am just going to leave the plants alone, let them flower and re-seed and wait for fall, which is the other season that cilantro thrives in.
/3/ We passed on a lot of big baby things (crib, travel system, pack n' play) to my brother a couple of years ago, but now that Anna and Will are getting older, we have even more stuff that we don't need anymore. Strollers, car seats, rocking chair. Luke listed all of them for sale on Craigslist last week and, as of last night, EVERYTHING IS SOLD! We really just wanted to get rid of the items, so we listed them for cheap. Only made $85 total. Meh. But anyway, no more strollers in the house! That is huge! The only time we really used strollers was on our Disney World trips, and we figured that the next time we go to Disney, the boy will be at least 5 years old. He can walk :)

/4/ Every day after school, I can't wait to dig into Anna's bag pack to see what I find. You know those annual birthday interviews that moms tend to do with their kids? Well, my kids are always too silly to sit through them, or they give me a bunch of, um, dumb answers that I know aren't true. Well, I like this one that Anna did at school and will keep it in my memory box!
/5/ As I type, Anna is on her first field trip ever with her before-care program. They are heading all the way to Gaithersburg, MD to see the new movie, The Jungle Book, and then to a park if it doesn't rain. I am kind of worried about her since the kids are not just kindergartners, but range all the way to 6th grade. I am guessing with older, more independent kids, the teachers might be more hands-off, but really I am not too worried about that either. My main concern is that they will be giving the kids lunch (hot dog, popcorn, fruit snack) in the dark theater. With Anna and her history, I just hope she doesn't choke and throw up!


  1. So, if I wanted to start a small herb garden, what's best to get started? Already grown plants? Any special soil? I love basil and cilantro! So you're not going to use the cilantro at all? I didn't understand. Thanks for any tips!

    Hope Anna had a good and safe time on her field trip. Why did they have to drive up here to see a movie???

    1. Oops, I guess I missed a sentence in there. What I meant is that we have been having an abundance of cilantro and now that the weather is getting warmer, the plants are shooting up and I can see that they will start to flower soon. At that time, I will leave them alone and let them re-seed.

      Before we used to buy already grown plants at Home Depot, but this year, we didn't make it to HD so I am growing from seeds. Do you guys have a little plot of land to grow stuff? When we re-did our front yard, we had the contractors dedicate a little space for our herb garden ( I don't know what kind of soil they put in there, probably nothing special I would assume.

      If you don't have space outside, I think growing in a big pot inside the house will work too. Just make sure the pot is big enough for the plants to grow. Don't want to overcrowd them. Good luck!

      As for Anna and her field trip, she made it back in the same outfit :) No throw-ups. But she did not like the movie, said it was too scary.

  2. The watering can pots are really cute, such a great idea!
    The cilantro looks wonderful. I love herbs but haven't had any luck with growing anything except tomatoes, but even that has been problematic. We have several pesky squirrels that have destroyed our plants many times already. Then there are the reptiles. I don't mind the bunnies. I get so inspired by other people's garden that I might give it a try again this year for the umpteen time, I think :)
    Have a good weekend!

  3. I hate cilantro..
    basil on the other hand.. love. We have been so focus on the inside of the house that the outdoor hasn't been a priority yet..hopefully will try my hand and growing some stuff next year.
    that questionnaire is cute.. love her spellings.
    hope the field trip went well.. D is also a throw upper.. :(

  4. The weeds are growing very well here!! I've been meaning to start the garden but just haven't had the time yet!

    The water can pots are really neat!


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