4 Things Kids Related

1. They are doing great at school!

I am crazy proud of Anna's latest report card. I know she's only in kindergarten and I take "report card" with a grain of salt, but I see progress and I am very pleased with it :) She brings home worksheets with smiley faces on top, or with words like "wonderful!", "nice!", or "amazing!" Besides DOING well at school, I know she ENJOYS being there too. When I pick her up from school, she's always in a great mood and skips happily. All in all, we love school!

But, I am honestly not as connected to Will's school as I am with Anna's....and the reason is that Luke does all the drop-offs and pick-ups. I do know that he has a great group of friends that he plays with, which is probably the most important at the age. He's so cute with his speech (or repeating what he hears at school). His class just recently got done with Letter of the Week and Anna asked what he will be learning next. He said, "We will learn numbers, and then shapes. And then after that, I will be a bird." In case you are confused with the "bird" part, it just means that he will move up to the next class (4's) at school. Haha.

2. They like going to birthday parties. (Me too.)

Birthday parties are pretty great, especially when you are not the host. Just show up with a present, watch the kids chase each other, and smile knowing that they will sleep good at night. Bonus point if a full meal is served, like the one we recently attended. If we choose to, there is a birthday party every weekend for the next few weeks. Kind of ridiculous, but I secretly love it.

3. They are good playmates.

The kids adore playing with other kids, but when they are at home, they are best buddies. Life might be calmer with one child, but it is significantly better, maybe even easier, with two.

4. They have a slow lifestyle.

Outside of school and a weekly 30-minute piano lesson for Anna, my kids do not have any extra curricular activities. Right now, their weekends are filled with unstructured playtime (pushing each other on the buggy, picking up sticks, burning helicopter seeds with magnifying glasses), and I am mostly OK with it. I say "mostly" because I do have a case of FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. But instead of stressing over it and bouncing from one activity to the next, I am fine with keeping life at a slow pace. At least for now when they are still little and need naps :)


  1. I also enjoy the time my kids play with one another and have unstructured time on the weekends. I can just see it and sense it, they both CRAVE those lazy weekends. We all love the break on weekends and I just can't pull the trigger on any weekly events! I sometimes also have FOMO because I don't want my kids to miss-out on all the benefits of sports or music or whatever.

    1. I hear you. Even Anna's short stint with ballet was a disruption to our weekend. This is also the exact reason why we are not doing Chinese school.

  2. They becoming each others playmates is something i look forward to, my boys are still at the fighting phase. Sometimes those lazy afternoons and weekends are just what we need

  3. I was just talking to my husband about the FOMO moments. Something about school starting and meeting other moms with suggestions of this or that activity has gotten me a little flustered. He reminds me that all will come in due time and to enjoy the calm before the storm, haha! We love our family time on the weekends, definitely enjoying every bit of it for now because time really flies.

  4. I bet the kids will always remember this time with great fondness.


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