reminiscing at Virginia Tech

The other main reason why we decided on the Roanoke trip was also to visit Virginia Tech, which is about 45 minutes away from Roanoke. Luke and I met at this very university almost 20 years ago (!) and, even though I didn't graduate from Tech (I transferred to UVA after my second year), we have many fond memories here. It was definitely nostalgic walking around the campus and talking about the good old days ("Why did you come all the way to eat with me all the time?" haha). The kids walked a lot and the only enjoyment they got out of it was feeding ducks at the Duck Pond. The next trip we go on will be for them, I promise :)
I think they say all students at Tech will have at least one class at McBryde 100 at some point during their 4 years at the university. This lecture hall was where Luke and I had our first class (intro to information systems) together, freshman year. It was the first few weeks of school and I was just sitting there (front row. btw) by myself, minding my own business, and this boy sat down right there to me.
Luke showed the kids where he used to sit in this particular classroom inside Pamplin Hall. "Next to the door so it's easier to leave when the class is over."
I actually didn't go to the picturesque Duck Pond all that much, but I knew the kids would enjoy feeding the ducks so I was prepared with bread. As luck would have it, there cherry blossoms were in bloom so it was even prettier. It made up for missing the blossoms at Meadowlark Gardens this year.
This is the Drillfield, the main quad at Tech. On one side of the field is residential buildings, and the other side is all academic...with one exception. Luke, in his freshman year, somehow got assigned to live at the dumpy Thomas Hall, waaaaay out there in the middle of nowhere, on the academic side of the campus. This is how I knew that it wasn't all innocent when he would trek all the way across the Drillfield to eat dinners with me ;) Ah, memories.
For lunch, we ate at Owens. When I was an undergrad, I got food to-go from this food court all the time to take back to my room. I enjoyed my chicken steak very much, it was as good as I remembered.
I lived in this dorm (West AJ) for two years and had a great group of friends. Back then, not everyone have a personal computer and my roommate's Mac was like a communal computer for all of our hallmates. We all knew each others passwords! Our room was always open and a gathering place for all. Such fun and carefree days. I always say that the first year of my college life was the best.
Well, I don't know if we will find ourselves back at Tech again. Tech is great and all, but soooo big and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. If I can help it, I am encouraging my kids to go to a smaller university. But either way, we had a very good visit! Go Hokie!


  1. What a nice campus! Several of my co-workers graduated from Tech and always speak so fondly of it. I can see why.
    What a sweet story that he made such a long trek to come eat with you :)

  2. Cute you could show the kids your old stomping grounds. What a cute "how we met" story!

  3. Beautiful memories. Luke knew sitting next to you would lead to a good thing. :) A wonderful family.


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