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I recently made two photo books. One is of our trip to LA last summer (long overdue!), and the other one is of our Disney cruise that happened just last month.
^^I am obsessed with the LA book cover!^^

LA was a lot of fun and we did so much that there were lots of photos I wanted to include in the 20-page photo book. Part of the reason why LA was great was because we stayed with Luke's uncle and across the street from his house was this amazing park, so I dedicated a two-page spread to just his neighborhood.
^^The lighthouse is inside Cerritos Library, which we could walk to from Uncle Vincent's house. We could also walk to a Walmart. Oh, and a BUBBLE TEA place.^^

As I said, I tried to cram in as many pictures as possible, but I think I overdid it with the Disneyland page. That was a special (not to mention, long) day and I can't believe I didn't use more pages for it. If I could have a do-over, I would move the Little Tokyo page and have a few larger Disneyland pictures.
Now that I am more seasoned at making photo books, I don't always group pictures by the date that they were taken. Instead, I organize them by categories. In this spread below, it is all about the good food we ate in LA.
For the back cover, I used a photo of me and Luke at Hollywood Blvd, because sometimes it's not all about the kids :)
And here is a few pages from the Disney cruise photo book:
THE biggest part of cruising is eating!!
I love these books and it makes my mama heart very happy to see my photo book collection growing bit by bit!


  1. I like that idea.. all the things we ate is a great category.

  2. Nice! I love photo books too. I just did one for our trip to Disney World last year. They're such great momentos!
    Wow, Luke's uncle's house is at a great location. I wish we have more friendly places within walking distance that's safe around here.

  3. Your books are way cool and very special!

    Of course your photo subjects (family) being so photogenic helps you take wonderful photos!

  4. I just love photobooks too!!! They are such a great collection of photos instead of single photos in an album. I also try to stay within the 20-page limit so I don't have to pay extra LOL.


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