monday morning (err, night) catch ups.

/1/ I feel like I haven’t been recording our family life on the blog lately. I mean, browsing through the last month and half of archives, it looks like I haven’t said much except about our Disney cruise. I love documenting our vacations, but I need to be better about documenting the everyday mundane happenings, which is the majority of our lives. So here goes...

/2/ Last Friday Anna celebrated the 100th Day of School in her kindergarten class. She was worried sick that the forecasted snow would cancel school, but luckily, it was just a little dusting. On that day, she had a great time counting 100 things and eating special treats. Life is good as a 5 year old.

/3/ Speaking of snow, I think we are finally done with it for the season. I lost count of how many snow days we had. This week, it is warming up to the 70s! Spring is in the air and I am happy :) Today after the kids came back from school, they just stayed outside while I cooked dinner. Love that.

/4/ The kids have subscriptions to Highlights and High Five magazines, and their favorite section in the magazines is the Hidden Pictures. So I bought them this book. It’s the best when I find them working together QUIETLY, searching for the hidden objects. I need to buy more puzzle books like it...something that is simple enough for them to do independently (read: so they leave me out of it), but also challenging. Suggestions?
/5/ We have been reading these books from the library. I think I did a great job picking out a nice selection this time. Julia Donaldson rocks!
/6/ Our Meadowlark Garden annual pass expired last August and this weekend seemed like the perfect time to get a new pass for the next 12 months. The Single Pass option ($35) gives us one membership card (for me) and one guest card (for Luke). Kids under 7 are free. (Just a little tip for the locals -- you don't have to buy the Family Pass just because you have a family!) Next time we buy/renew though, we will have to pay $45 for the Family Pass, which is still totally worth it for us to support this beautiful place.
/7/ Last week while Luke was away on travel, I binged on Fuller House after the kiddos are asleep. Just me, the couch, and a bag of salt & pepper potato chips. Yep, it was as good as it sounds. Few thoughts: Bob Saget looks weird now, Uncle Jesse hasn't aged, and Kimmy Gibbler is still my favorite, haha.

/8/ C'mon Gilmore Girls!!


  1. Oh yes, it does feel like Spring!!

    Time to get out the short pants!

  2. I got 6 month subscriptions to Highlights (the same "types" as yours) with Pampers points. They like it when it arrives but then they're quickly forgotten. That hidden pictures book looks fun! We also like mazes.

    I see a Shell Silverstein book! I LOVED his books as a child so I put "Where the Sidewalk Ends" on J's Christmas list. It's a book of poems with good cadence but some of the stories are kinda dark. It's amazing how awesome you remember kids' books until you read them as an adult!

    1. Luke likes Silverstein books too and we have the "Where the Sidewalk Ends" since the kids were much littler. Haven't read it though :)


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