Easter Sunday at the Natural Bridge

It was a last minute decision to visit the Natural Bridge. We were driving on I81 toward home when Luke saw a sign for it on the side of the road. He recalled earlier that morning my mom had texted me something along the line of “do you remember 20 years ago on Easter, on the way back from visiting Tech, we went to the Natural Bridge?” Well, 20 years later, it just so happen to be Easter again...and when Luke saw the sign, he hopped off the interstate and made a detour to recreate this memory for me.

We got to the visitor center, and found out that admission for it is $20/pp. Kids 6 and under are free, so it would be $40 for us. Still way too expensive, and I was happy to just take a few pictures of the gift shop and leave. Still, I think Luke knew I sort of wanted to do it, so after some convincing from him (“we will never be back here again and this is the last year the kids are free”), we decided to go for it.
The bridge was pretty magnificent, more so than I remembered as a 17-year old teenager. If I understood the guide correctly, it’s what’s left of an underground cavern that collapsed on all other sides. It’s got cool history (involving American Indians, Thomas Jefferson and some “G.W.” initial carved into the side that may or may not be George Washington’s).
Seeing the giant stone bridge was only a portion of the visit. There was also a really beautiful path that we hiked, which meant more walking for the kids, but they entertained themselves by throwing rocks along the way. The path led to a scenic little waterfall (not pictured),
but the best thing we came across was this Asian monkey.
Anyway, the bridge pretty much concluded our Roanoke road trip (read: 1, 2, and 3). I love these kind of easy weekend trips that are just long enough to get us out of the daily grind but short enough that there isn't a lot to catch up on once we get home.
Now We Need a Summary:

Fave: I would have said watching Luke's eyes lit up as he drove around Roanoke, but that was before he handed me a chicken filet biscuit from Hardee's. Oh my gawd, so goooood. That trumped everything.
Yuck: None!

Fave: Seeing Roanoke
Yuck: Eating that hot dog at Owens

ANNA (age 6)
Fave: Swimming, but later changed her mind to "eating chips and watching TV."
Yuck: all the walking

WILL (age 4)
Fave: chips and TV
Yuck: all the walking


  1. Glad you guys could recreate the memory! What an awesome natural bridge!

  2. What a cool bridge!
    My kids would say the same things, except substitute the chips with candy.

  3. I love your photos! That natural bridge looks neat - I've never seen it.

  4. I love the Asian Monkey picture. It was so unexpected that I laughed out loud.

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