tuesday morning catch ups.

/1/ I am sure many of you know this already, but it was only 2 or 3 years ago that this clever idea came to me. You know those plastic bags that bedding sets come in? Well, I keep those and use them when I pack for trips. It adds so much organization to what could be a messy suitcase. I am currently packing for our cruise and making great progress! The nice thing about packing for a warm vacation in the winter is that you can pack way in advance.

/2/ I asked Anna to make a packing list for herself. This is what she came up with. You know, the essentials. I am so impressed with her spelling though. I mean "tablit" is pretty darn close and "cleshin" should really be the proper spelling.
Anna's packing list for our upcoming vacation.
/3/ This picture reminds me of that Friends episode when Joey and Chandler got robbed and all their furniture were stolen. Haha. Our couches were NOT stolen, but we ARE in the process of waiting for our new sectional (!) to arrive. So right now, we have folding chairs.
By the way, Craigslist is wonderful for getting stuff hauled away for free!

/4/ Yesterday, on MLK Day, we took the kids to Jammin Java to see The Great Zucchini. The kids remembered seeing him last summer and were very excited. The two of them sat front and center on the floor (Luke and I sat in the back) and had a really good time. Anna even got picked to go up on stage!

Jammin Java hosts a variety of shows for kids on weekday mornings at 10:30. I personally think it's a great activity (especially in the winter when it is 2 degrees outside), but I will never go again on a holiday. The place was FULL TO THE BRIM. Kind of nuts. I really think having some kind of crowd control would have been super helpful and make the experience more enjoyable. Oh well, at least we saved a couple of bucks by buying the tickets though Certifikid. Love that site for good deals.


  1. Good tip on the bedding set bags for packing. We've been using ours to keep crafts and little toys.
    I remember that episode from Friends, hilarious. My first apartment looked like that, complete with moving boxes turned upside-down as tables, haha!
    The show looked like lots of fun. My kids love stuff like that but I avoid it like the plague when it's very crowded, especially on weekends, it's like a zoo and then some.

    1. Totally. So many annoying and idiotic parents too!

  2. I agree with Jane - that is a cool idea using the bedding set bags.

    I too remember when the furniture got stolen and they didn't have folding chairs... and sat in a canoe!

  3. the bedding set bags is a great idea!


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