tuesday morning catch ups. (the Jonas edition)

/1/ These pictures were taken on Sunday morning, after the snow finally stopped and the sun came out. It's hard to tell just how much snowfall we received because of the drifts, but it was definitely historic. The last time we saw anything like this was 6 years ago, Super Storm 2010. We didn't have kids yet, just us and the puppies. If I picture our lives then, Luke and I probably spent a lot of time staying cozy in our rental, watching movies. This time, we are homebound with two demanding kids so not as relaxing :) Although I have to say that they are so good at entertaining themselves and playing together, so it's still OK.
/2/ The kids liked playing in the snow, but only in small doses.
/3/ Since school was closed last Thursday and Friday, even before the storm hit, the kids have been home for a total of 7 days now. There have been a lot of Monopoly, Blink, random made-up Pokémon games. My inner tiger mom tendencies have also been making Anna do worksheets and reading me those leveled books. She's getting very good!! Of course, we also get through the day with a little help from our friends -- PBS, Wii, and tablets.
/4/ This is the stack of books we are currently reading to the kids. So far, the Those Darn Squirrels! series seem to be a crowd-pleaser. We also finally read the widely popular, The Day the Crayons Quit. Thumbs up on that one!
If you are curious about how we check out books from the library and how to make those trips to the library pleasant, read this post!


  1. I hope Luke's muscles don't ache as badly as mine! I've finally gotten shoveled out.

    1. I don't know about him, buy MY body ached and I only shoveled our front stoop!

  2. That's a ton of snow, good thing Luke got the snowblower.
    We love Those Darn Squirrels and The Day the Crayons Quit, too. Good tip on reserving the books in advance at the library. I'll need to try that. Our library has an unusual set up where they have this play area right there in the children's book section, so my kids always end up playing instead of looking at books.

  3. wow.. love that big stack of library books.
    the boys didn't get any snow playing time this year since both were sick..


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