I might be stating the obvious, but there is a lot of snow.

Snowstorm Jonas is here. When we opened our garage door this morning, we were greeted by snow at least a foot and half deep. All I have to say is thank goodness this husband of mine had the foresight to buy a snowblower to prepare for this winter. This little handy machine has already proven its weight in gold.
After Luke cleared a path, I bundled up the kids and let them loose. Will didn't last long before he complained it was "too cold", but Anna was out for a good while. Luke wins for lasting almost 5 hours though. He made pretty good progress, clearing almost half of our pipestem all on his own. Heavy snow is still falling, so he will have to do it all over again tomorrow :)
My prediction is that school will be closed for the majority of next week and by the time it finally opens, we will be on a boat. My inner tiger mom is a bit annoyed because Anna will miss so many days of school... GRRR, but Disney Cruise.
^^My two pioneers trudging through the snow.^^

Anyway, if you are affected by Jonas, hope you are staying safe and warm. xo


  1. Lots of snow here too, it's drifted so much it is hard to tell how deep it is! - you got enough that Anna and Will will have a hard time walking around in it!

    1. I remember those days when we had to shovel a path for the dogs.


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