I am sold on Korean skincare products.

It’s been two months since I started using Korean skincare products and I can honestly say – wow! – I see results.

My complexion really does seem clearer, smoother, brighter, and has less redness. Even the husband notices it too!

I am an absolute beginner, but I just want to share what’s working for me.
Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream ($12). This cream is light, but super moisturizing. I use it at night before I go to bed and can literally feel the moisturizer sinking into my skin as I sleep away. I wake up and my face looks radiant! At $12, it’s not expensive and definitely comparable to drugstore prices. Since it is water-based, a little goes a long way so one jar lasts a while.
Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil ($7). I gently wipe my entire face with this light oil and it melts away makeup (I don’t wear much, just powder and blush). It really gets my face squeaky clean for the face cream.

Wonder Pore ($9). This product claims to tighten pores and balance skin. I think it really does seem to do the job!

And, that’s it. Just 3 products. As I said, I see great results and I am liking it. Now that I know Korean skincare products work (for me), I am going to add a little bit more to my regime and see if I can do better. Now that I am old, skincare is a top priority for me. I will make sure to report back next time :)


  1. Great! I am currently using Shiseido at the moment (although I keep going back and forth with using their products because of animal testing) but used to use products from Iope. I once had terrible breakout on my skin. It wasn't acne - but more like red bumps like an allergic reaction. I tried all types of natural products to calm my skin down but nothing worked. I picked up Iope and literally just after two days my face cleared up. I was completely blown away. I'll have to look into night creams that moisturize well. Winter is always so brutal to my skin :(

  2. Yea, let us know! Where do you buy them? Koreans do have great skin :).

  3. wow..these sound awesome.. must check them out!


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