"Tripbound Grand Giveaway Winner - It's You!", Part II

More on our recent weekend in Williamsburg, see Part I here.

Food for Thought
After a lackluster visit at the Yorktown Christmas Market, we went to a local restaurant, Food For Thought, for lunch. It turned out to be a very good decision. Excellent service, excellent atmosphere, and excellent food. The butcher paper on the table kept Anna and Will busy long enough for the food to arrive - such a wonderful idea. All restaurants should get on board with this! 
^^Pot roast with mushroom rice and grilled zucchini for Luke, fried shrimp with mashed potatoes and skinny fries for me, pastas for the kids. All crazy delicious!^^
^^Lots of tic-tac-toe while we wait.^^
^^The walls were decorated with quotes that make you ponder :)^^

Food For Thought is pretty popular. We got there before the lunch rush (around 11:15am) and didn't have to wait, but when we left, there was a long line.

Colonial Williamsburg
We went back to the resort for a nap (yes, everyone napped) after lunch...and then it was time for the main event...Colonial Williamsburg! Up until now, we had only visited Colonial Williamsburg in the summertime, when it is hot and muggy, so I was looking forward to seeing it in a different season. Unfortunately, marveling at the subtle holiday decorations wasn't as fun for the kids as it was for me. "Look at that pretty wreath!" meant nothing to them. In fact, it was rather boring. AND on top of that, they were asked to smile for the camera on demand so I could get my family photo.
^^One of the many gorgeous and festive wreaths!^^
^^Love this historic district even though I am so bad at historical events.^^
^^Just walking around and taking in the sight and smell of the holiday season.^^
^^A cozy and cute ice rink was set up right on Duke of Gloucester.^^
^^A nice moment in front of the Christmas tree in Merchant Square.^^
^^The winning package include a $5 gift certificate to Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop. The kids got chocolate-covered pretzels and Luke couldn't resist to some fudge.^^
^^Gingerbread village at the Williamsburg Lodge.^^

After about an hour and half of walking (and telling the kids made-up stories about "the lost children of Williamsburg"), we finally settled back in the car and the kids declared that this was "the worst trip ever." Hmph, kids these days! Haha, at least I enjoyed myself. Colonial Williamsburg is indeed very pretty when all dressed up for Christmastime.

But that family photo I was determined to get?
^^Will was not being cooperative.^^


  1. Laffs. I see the back of Will's head!

    The decorations at Williamsburg look really pretty - it's been ages since I was there.

  2. LOL! My son is the same way with pictures. Usually, he's either wiggling and making faces or it's blurry because he's running off.
    Too bad the kids didn't enjoy it, but at least it was free :)
    Williamsburg's Christmas decoration is beautiful, and that restaurant sounds like a great place. Any restaurant that's able to keep kids busy before the food gets there is a thumbs up in my book!


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