"Tripbound Grand Giveaway Winner - It's You!"

That was the subject of an email I received on a Monday back in November. I had entered the giveaway two weeks prior and completely forgotten about it...so imagine my delight when I saw that email in my inbox after a long work meeting. It was a small winning, but I was excited nonetheless. The package included a 2-night stay at a resort near Colonial Williamsburg and gift certificates to a local candy store and restaurant. I couldn't wait! Luckily, I didn't have to for too long because the trip was only three weeks after I received the good news and that was this past weekend :)

Wyndham Kingsgate
I am becoming very familiar with all the condo-style resorts in Williamsburg. On this visit, I added Wyndham Kingsgate to my list. Our two-bedroom was clean, spacious, and came with a full kitchen. We were there for only 2 nights, but we did use the kitchen to make breakfast once. The best thing about Wyndham Kingsgate was the location. It is near Richmond Rd, which means super duper close to everything, including our favorite Chinese buffet. Luke and I wouldn't mind staying here again whenever we go back to Williamsburg.
^^We stayed at the ground floor of this building.^^
^^Unlimited TV time.^^
^^The kitchen was behind Will, next to the dining room.^^

The Plan
We had a very simple itinerary. Since we didn't leave until after dinner on Friday night, we really only had Saturday there. On my list of things to do: the Christmas Market in Yorktown, walk around Colonial Williamsburg to look at holiday decorations, try a new restaurant or two. Oh, and while we do all that, I just want a good family picture, please.

The Drive Down
This picture was taken before we pulled out of the garage. We ate dinner, showered, and hit the road. Leaving after 7pm meant no traffic (a rare thing when going 95 south!) and the kids fell asleep within an hour. And even though they woke up at check-in, they had no problem going straight to bed again once we got to our unit. It was a very smooth night.
^^Excited to be in the car instead of the bed.^^

Yorktown Christmas Market
I really didn't expect much from the Christmas Market in Yorktown. I mean the market was held at the sleepy Main St...and well, that street just isn't all that exciting on any given normal day. Unfortunately, it still wasn't all that exciting during the holiday season. The market was only a few blocks long and it featured nothing good. A definite miss!
^^We were there just in time for the Fifes and Drum performance. Also, do you see Santa?^^
^^The market wasn't anything to write home about, but we got lucky with the weather.^^
^^Nothing like pretty wreaths to get you in the holiday spirit!^^
^^Getting two free cookies each was the best part about this little Yorktown excursion.^^
^^All smiles after we left the market and went strolling near the riverfront.^^

I will save the rest of our trip for another post...stay tuned.


  1. what a great win and a lovely trip!

  2. Lucky you! Looks like the kids really had a blast!

  3. We love Williamsburg as well and I bet it's lovely in November and December. We have only gone over the summer -- perhaps we should think about planning something later on in the year :) awesome win by the way!

    1. This was our first time in Williamsburg for the holiday season. I loved it, but the kids didn't. For them, summer is still a better time because they get to swim in the pool. (The resort had an indoor pool, but we just didn't use it. No time.)


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