thursday morning (christmas eve) catch ups.

^^I took this picture in attempt to replicate this one. It didn’t turn out exactly right.^^

/1/ So the countdown is almost finally done. Tonight we will finish wrapping up few last presents, put out cookies for Santa, get in Christmas pajamas (kids, not us -- although it will probably be too hot for flannel) and, maybe watch a holiday movie and read some holiday-themed books. After the kids go to bed, we will set up the house for Christmas morning. I have a few tricks up my sleeves this year :)

/2/ Speaking of holiday-themed books, we have been reading them daily this December. Over the years, we have read all the classic Christmas books, so I branched out and found new-to-us ones at the library. In all, I think we read over 20 books, but none that I want to remember/recommend. Maybe I should stick with the tried and true from now on. What's your all-time favorite Christmas story?

/3/ About the presents...I definitely didn't go overboard this year. In fact, all I got for the kids were books (superhero for Will, Pokémon for Anna) and their Santa gifts. But Luke, being the shopaholic of the family, got them a few more a Kindle EACH. I didn't get my first tablet until I was in my 30s, and even then it was communal. How times have changed.
/4/ An email popped up in my inbox at work yesterday with the subject "Free Poinsettias". I RUSHED to the lobby and managed to snatch up a pot!! They were literally gone in 10 seconds so I was glad I was in front of the computer when the email was sent. Now there is extra cheer in our house :)

/5/ Lastly, I just want to wish you all a peaceful and safe holiday season! Merry everything and happy always to you and yours. xoxo


  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. My SIL and her husband gave J a Kindle Fire this year. Totally surprised us. Thank goodness they got it on sale. No need to spend hundreds on an iPad. The Fire is the way to go. I'm assuming you guys got Fire, so it's very much like the iPad. Enjoy!

    1. yup, got the Kindle Fire as well. It seems to be a little wonky for us though...


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