the girbed ran

My little 5 year old wrote this in her kindergarten class.

Please allow me to translate.
She rolled the dough // She put it in the oven
The gingerbread ran // It ran outside
The pig and the dog joined the group // It got to a river. He found a fox.

Haha, so insanely cute. One of my favorite things she brought home so far.

The spelling. Oh my, it’s so wrong, but so… confident, creative, and unaware. It makes me not want to correct her and not force her to spell like the rest of us boring adults. xoxo


  1. Smiles. This is so adorable.

    Actually, looking at some text messages I get - she spells as well as many folks already!

  2. The question is, did you need her to translate or did you guess it all? Amazing that us parents can read our own kids' writing :). Very cute! I love this stage!

    1. Along with the pictures, I actually did understand her writing!


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