Christmas Morning 2015

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright. Did Santa deliver? He came to our house and made the kids very happy. Here is a little recap of our Christmas morning...

...but let's rewind to the night before Christmas first :)

On Christmas Eve, as I was scooping cookie dough onto the baking sheet (I ended up using the leftover oatmeal cookie dough from the freezer), Anna said she was going to leave a note for Santa. I was glad she remembered because I had totally forgot about it!
A little hard to read for us boring adults, but she wrote:

Santa! Can I have a Bulbasaur please. Enjoy the cookies. By Anna!

Then this conversation took place.

Will: Anna, can you write for me please?
Anna: Will, you can write it yourself.
Will: But I don't know how to write.
Anna: .....
Me: Anna, you know Will can't write yet. Just help him, okay?

So then she added:

And my brother wants a superman please. By Will.
^^Putting out cookies for Santa.^^

Just before I went to bed that night, I staged everything.
Our Christmas morning started at 6 sharp. The kids ran to our room and begged to go downstairs. After I gave them the green light, they rushed to the kids' tree and were just SO HAPPY to see that Santa came to our house and left presents. Their pure happiness was so fun to watch (good thing I took a video)!! As for that forgotten Santa hat that I thought they would get a kick out of, their reaction was rather anticlimactic, haha.
They had a great time just playing with their Santa toys :)

Then after breakfast, we all gathered in the living room to open the rest of the presents. Anna loves her Pokémon fact, she got her nose stuck in the book for the rest of the morning. Will wasn't as excited about his green superhero cape, but I think he will warm up to it eventually. He loves the Nerf guns the most.
After hearing all about the pot that she was making in art at school, it wasn't surprising to find it under the tree :) It's a cute little clay pot and oh so special -- I can see her little finger dents. Such a treasure. Will gave us a candle that apparently had no idea that he actually made it.
For Luke's present, I just got him a bunch of nuts from Trader Joe's :)
The next hour or two was spent playing our new board games. Life is such a looooong game, but then again, so is life itself, right? We didn't finish, but I just want to remember that Will got married first among all of us. LOL.
So that was our Christmas morning! Pretty magical and sweet :) Since both sets of our parents are local, we made two stops to visit them on Christmas day. I remember that we hosted Christmas at our home the past two years, but this year, we didn't volunteer again. It's just much simpler this way.


  1. I see a Bulbasaur! Was their a Superman cape?


  2. What a cute note and very nice of Anna to leave a note from Will. They are so precious. Glad it was a good celebration!


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