2015 - A Review, Part 2

(2015 - A Review, Part 1)

We spent the first few days of July eating and swimming in Williamsburg. The rest of the month, especially the weekends, was rather quiet -- we stayed home a lot and read a lot, too. On the weekdays, however, the kids were having a blast at their summer program.
Summer fun continued into August. We explored two waterparks locally and had a magical (literally!) morning at Burke Lake Park. At the end of sizzling August, we went on our last summer hurrah -- California!! Best vacation ever!
We came back from LA in September, just before school started for both kids (Anna entered PUBLIC SCHOOL and Will in a private 3's program). Then we went to my company's annual family event at Kings Dominion. The kids were thrilled with their Pikachu winnings and it was the beginning of a love affair with all things Pokémon.
We got the house painted in October. The kids dressed up as Pikachu and Squirtle for Halloween!
In November we replaced carpet for hardwood floors (best. decision. ever). Will turned 4, even though I specifically asked him to stop growing up :) We had Thanksgiving and put up the Christmas trees.
Finally, December. I still can't believe that I actually WON a trip one of our favorite places...so we had a little unplanned getaway at the beginning of the month. Then the remaining of the month was filled with holiday-y stuff around town. Santa came to our house on Christmas, as usual.
This brings us to present day - New Year's Eve 2016. The kids and Luke have been sick and I think I am starting to come down with something too. So tonight we will stay home, probably blow on some party horns and let the kids have a glow stick or two. Then after the kids go to bed, we will curl up and watch a movie and be asleep before midnight. Sounds like a perfect end to 2015! I wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Cheers to 2016!


  1. Happy New Years!!

    I think I've slept through the last 5 years worth of New Years Eve midnights!

  2. what a year.. great travels and wonderful family time. wishing you more travels and adventures in 2016

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Nice recap of the year, definitely a full year of family and fun. We love the glow sticks at our house, always a hit :)

    1. oh my gosh, yes. we ended up giving them 5 sticks each and they had the best NYE :)


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