2015 - A Review, Part 1

2015 is almost over, so that means a reflection is in order. 2015 has been a quieter year -- I didn't even break 100 blog posts! At this stage in our lives though, quiet is good, especially when it is still sprinkled with many good things.

January was a slow month. According to archives, we only had one outing and that was to the National Air and Space Museum. At home, I made chili for the first time (!) and lemon bars in honor of Luke's birthday. The kids were doing great; both loving school and getting along extremely well. The biggest news, though, was that we give away our dog, Pesto, to my dear friend. We felt sad about it, but loved (loving) our dog-free life!
In February, due to a free two-night hotel stay that was expiring, we took our first family trip to Lancaster PA! Lancaster was great, but driving to Crayola Experience in horrid winter condition was not. Turkey Hill Experience did not impress us either :) Overall, we still had lots of good family fun and definitely want to go back to Dutch Country again. Locally, we finally checked out the National Museum of the American Indian in DC.
Anna turned 5 in March, so we went to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate our girl (part 1 and 2). We also attended two school events -- a parent program at Will's school and a music show at Anna's. This year I wrote many "catch up" posts that were basically life odds and ends updates. In March I wrote two of those posts that summed up our month pretty well. 
Finally, April! We had a memorable Easter (they are still talking about how we planted jellybeans!) and went to Meadowlark Garden to see the blossoming cherry trees. I also recall a very fun outing with the grandparents to Frying Pan Farm Park. Around that time, I wrote about our current family schedule.
This brings us to May. We celebrated the moms in our lives, watched Will pretending to be a bear, saw Anna tumbled and rumbled. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, we (Luke) paddled on the Tidal Basin and the kids rode a small roller coaster at a parking lot, haha.   
Thanks to my parents and Luke's awesome performance at work, the hubs and I jetted off to the Big Island of Hawaii at the beginning of June. It was a week of total relaxation, no parenting responsibilities. Such bliss! Back home, Will finished up his last day of school and said goodbye to his in-home daycare provider. I attended Anna's sweet little graduation (brought happy tears to my eyes, man!), and both kids kicked off an amazing summer! At the end of June, we took what is becoming an annual summer vacation to Williamsburg :)
Stayed tuned for Part 2....


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