wednesday morning catch ups.

/1/ My quest for the best ramen in the area continues. Unfortunately, I did not find it in Kizuna. Their ramen was bland and very greasy. On top of the mediocre food, I think it's expensive for what you get. $13 for a bowl and it doesn't even come with egg. Still...we had this meal without the children AND it was a Friday lunch so I got out of the office for a bit...all was good in the world :) 
/2/ I didn't talk much about how we fared during the whole hardwood installation process in my last post. Overall, it was fine. For the first two days, the contractors didn't arrive until the kids and I were already out of the house so no problems there. But, at night, they didn't leave until 5:15 to 5:45. Since we get home earlier than most people (4:15), there were some inconveniences. Like the kids had to retreat to the basement and watch TV (which they most definitely loved) after school. And I couldn't cook like I wanted to, but that was OK by me. I only didn't like the moving/rearranging stuff part. Every night, we dusted and wiped and tried to return to normalcy only to get disrupted again the next day. Keep in mind that we had already moved our stuff last month for the paint job, too. That's a lot of shuffling around in the last few weeks! In the end, I am just glad that it's all over now and our house looks a million times better.
School Pictures_2015
/3/ School pictures for the blogging record. Do you buy school pictures? I am a sucker for them, even though they are way over-priced. 

/4/ I am coming along nicely on my fall bucket list. I already ate homemade apple pie (twice!), volunteered/attended school events, ToT-ed, read more fall-themed books, saw foliage every time I left the house. Soon I am going to make Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana....I just love that soup. And Will's birthday is this Sunday and then my Boston Market feast in 2 weeks :)

/5/ Who else is excited about Fuller House and Gilmore Girls?


  1. Let the quest continue! Let me know what you find.

    Cute school photos! I usually buy at least once a year. Can't pass it up! They're printed on such nice paper is my excuse hehe.

    1. Thanks! I didn't even know they were offered twice a year until last year at Anna's preschool. Seriously, who would buy twice a year?? I think only expensive preschools offer that?

  2. School pictures are a hit and miss with me.. i sometimes buy once a year but not always..
    sucks that you still haven't found your perfect Ramen

  3. Not sure when this whole ramen hunt all started, but I honestly think a 50 cent bag of Maruchan is more than enough to hit the spot. The floors have been a long time coming, so I'm glad we finally knocked them out. Just need to restock the piggy bank after taking this big hit. For pictures, I never understood their appeal when I was a kid. But as a parent, they're pretty damn special!

    Lastly, the world does not need any more Full House or Gilmore anything. One go around was more than enough!

  4. Your photos of Anna and Will are far, far better than the school ones!


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