'tis the season to be jolly

Our halls are decked!
This year, after Luke hauled up the boxes and set up the trees, he left me and the kids to our own devices. Our big tree is definitely a little bit bottom-heavy because the kids worked faster than me and I was left with very few ornaments to put on top :) But can I just say that our tree is looking very lovely, especially against our new wood floors? Because it is :)

I am so sad to say, though, that 3 ornaments were harmed in the making of the tree. Two by Will and one by....ME! The two broken by Will were store-bought so I don't even care. The one broken by me, however, was the snowman handprint I made for Will last year. I never blogged about it, but it's similar to this one that I made for Anna. *insert all the sad emojis*
^^"Nobody move!!"^^

As for the kids' tree, as soon as they saw it, they started putting those leftover Pokémon ring toppers from Will's birthday on the tree. I knew immediately that we should have a theme for this year kids' tree and the theme should be Pokémon!! So on Sunday morning, I gathered all the supplies (I had everything so $0 was spent) and got to work immediately to make some Poké Ball ornaments. It turned out to be a messy project. Took forever! So, so many flaws too, but from far away, at just the right angle, they ain't half bad.
pokeball tree
^^Love our kids' tree tradition.^^

So the trees are up, the stockings are hung, and soon the countdown will start. I am feeling excited for another holiday season...may it be merry & bright.


  1. Sorry about you losing an heirloom ornament. :(

    Goodness.. a tree up and decorated already. I've only begun to maybe, perhaps, kind of, sort of think about it... ;)

    1. We like to get them up early and take them down immediately after Christmas!

  2. sorry about the broken ornament..
    the tree looks beautiful and those smiling kiddos are so precious.

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear about the handprint ornament :(
    the kids' tree ornaments turned out nice. I love kids' trees, so cute!

    1. I love homemade ornaments, even if they are imperfect.


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