new floors

The floors are done and IT LOOKS GREAT. It has completely transformed the look of our little house! Here it is! - our living room, with new floors and new wall color.
For comparison, here is the before.

While installing new floors, we also asked the contractors to remove the railing that was between the family room and breakfast area. Our house was already pretty open, but getting rid of the railing makes it even more so.
Originally, we thought the project would only take 2 days (Thursday and Friday) to complete, but it ended up running into the weekend.

Usually I would be annoyed, but it turned out just fine because the kids and I (along with my mom) went off on our own to have some fun outside of the house.
^^Peanuts Ice Palace at Fair Oaks Mall. You can get pictures taken with Santa already!^^

We also had a very good outing at Great Falls Park. Weather was gorgeous! The kids were enthralled with rock climbing. I was just happy that no one slipped.
^^For serious rock scrambling, Overlook 1 is the best.^^
^^This spot is kind of off the beaten path. I didn't let them get too close to the river.^^

The flooring work was finished on Sunday afternoon and we began the final cleaning (so much dust and sawdust!) and moving things back. We are 95% done...just need to finish putting a few more things away.

Well, we are super pleased with our new floors. Originally, we weren't planning on doing this big project until a few more years down the road, but in the end, we figured why wait? I am a cheapskate, but definitely glad we updated our home with hardwood floors. This is why we work and save, so we can enjoy little luxuries like this! 


  1. the floors look great! I agree.. we work so hard and worry so much about saving.. but life is too short.. we should stop and indulge a bit now and then.

  2. Love the floors and wall color! Definitely worth it since it's something you can enjoy everyday.
    I noticed that about Santa at our mall too; I don't think I'm ready for Santa until after Thanksgiving :)

  3. Love the grey paint and dark hardwood. Plus, less contaminants in wood than in carpet. I don't like carpet.

  4. That floor looks incredible! I love wood - it has such warmth in it.

  5. your floors turned out great!

  6. Just glad the weather worked out somewhat so that you could keep the kids busy over the weekend. And I'm already enjoying waking up with fewer allergies now that the carpet is all gone.


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