A Pokémon Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from the fighting Pikachu and Squirtle!

So how was the big night? Ours was great...full of happy and hyper kids :) For the third year in a row, we went to my friend's neighborhood for trick-or-treating and it was probably our best year yet! We had a little group of 7 kids, all ages 5 and under, and they seriously RAN from door to door and did not stop until the last house was visited. Haha, it was very fun to watch.
^^The most festive house in the neighborhood!^^
^^A jack-o-lantern paper lantern on Halloween night.^^
^^My favorite part of Will's Squirtle costume was the little tail, it flopped side to side whenever he walked.^^

I made the kids nap that day because I thought it would be a late night. Turned out, the kids zoomed by the houses so quickly that we found ourselves driving home by 7pm. After we came home, took inventory of the goods, and showered, we all snuggled up in bed and read short scary stories from In Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories (all pretty tame, but The Green Ribbon actually shocked me a little). Then because I had promised a family sleepover, the kids fell asleep in our bed that night. It was the best night ever for them :)

So...another great Halloween in the books. Bring on Thanksgiving and the holiday season!


  1. wow.. the kids look adorable! Sounds like a great night

  2. I never thought kids could like anything more than Xmas, but it's official, Will likes Halloween the mostest! I definitely don't mind having spare chocolate laying around the house.


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