wednesday morning catch ups. (fall stuff)

^^Anna had so much fun on her first school field trip to Cox Farms!^^

/1/ Have you been doing any fun fall activities? We haven't. Back in September, I wanted to go apple picking, but just as we were debating on whether or not to make the one-hour drive, my parents came over with just-picked apples from the orchard. Since we were able to get farm fresh apples without doing any work, it seemed pointless to still go just so I could get my annual apple picking pictures. So we skipped it. Then earlier this month, I wanted to take the kids to a pumpkin patch. Long story short: we ended up going to Walmart instead. Kind of boring, but easy and cheap (can't beat $4/pumpkin!).

/2/ But even if the family hasn't done any fall fun stuff, Anna did yesterday at her first school field trip! She had been so excited about it and I am glad she had a wonderful time with her teachers and classmates. She's now officially the only person in our family who's been to the famous fall festival at Cox Farms. She went on the rope swings, slides, hayride, saw some turkeys, and brought home a small pumpkin. Sounds like a great time to me.

/3/ I checked out a stack of Halloween/fall-themed books from the library. While I can't recommend all of them, The Hallo-wiener and Ghosts in the House! are fun and cute.

/4/ The kids' Halloween costumes arrived the other day and they were SO HAPPY with them. I am going to be all mysterious and keep it a secret for now :) Fingers crossed for decent weather on Halloween night!

/5/ My short rest-of-the-fall bucket list, in no particular order:
- go somewhere to see the fall foliage and take pictures
- make soup and eat with crusty bread
- eat homemade apple pie with whipped cream
- a Thanksgiving craft
- check out more fall-theme books from the library
- attend Halloween parade at Will's school (me)
- volunteer for Pumpkin Day (Luke) and International Day (both) at Anna's school
- Trick or Treating
- install hardwood floors (we are not doing the work ourselves, but it will still be chaotic)
- celebrate Will turning 4!
- Thanksgiving feast from Boston Market


  1. I want to go apple picking again because I like that I can get more "organic-y" apples for a decent price compared to the store. Plus, I want to make apple pie and apple muffins again. They just taste better fresh off the tree. Alan isn't keen on going again so I might go myself. Hope you can finish the rest of your bucket list!

    1. We just finished the SECOND apple pie and I think I am done for the season.

  2. looks like she had a wonderful time. we have been a little behind on our fall activities too.. store bought pumpkin in this house too. :(
    Have already started making soups.. :)


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