Theodore Roosevelt Island

Yesterday we headed into DC for the National Air and Space Museum, but just as we got into the city, we found that roads were blocked and there was a running event going on. After seeing all the road closures, we got back on the freeway and made a quick decision to go to Theodore Roosevelt Island instead.
^^"Raise your hands like the statue!"^^

Well, the kids will be the first to tell you that they did not like Theodore Roosevelt Island. "Walking is so boring," they complained. "I don't see many other kids," they commented. Despite our attempts to make the walk through the woods interesting, "Look, a snake!" (we really did see a small snake), the 30-minute-ish walk felt like an eternity to them. We won't be back for a long time (if ever), but at least now I can say we have been there, done that.
^^It was a beautiful day to be out!"^^
^^We made it to the boardwalk, but the loop was 1.3 miles so we just turned around :)"^^
^^Last shot before leaving to capture the beginning of fall foliage.^^


  1. While things didn't work out as planned, we still managed to do something somewhat entertaining this weekend. Not sure I would ever head back to this place though. The env is nice, but really, the noise from the traffic and airplanes just ruin it all. Maybe we'll be able to make it to the museums next time...

  2. Kids are so hard to please :). At least it was a nice day!


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