Taiwanese Food at Qtea Cafe!

7.8 miles/18-minute drive might still seem far, but this just-opened Taiwanese eatery in Fairfax is actually the closest for me to authentic Taiwanese street food and bubble tea.

During our first visit, we ordered House Black Milk Tea with Tapioca, Taiwanese Chicken with Spiced Salt & Basil (鹽酥雞), Fried Tempura with Spiced Salt & Basil (甜不辣), and Taiwanese Pork Belly Buns (割包).

Everything was fresh and delicious. The bubble tea was honestly the best I've had in the DC area -- the tapioca was prepared perfectly. And this is picky and minor, but I was impressed that the shop uses a sealer machine to seal the cups instead of just regular lids. Very professional :) The chicken and tempura were both really, really good. The pork belly was a little bit too fatty for our taste, but we still ate it all up. Everything came under $30.
^^The chicken was piping hot!^^

We had a great visit and can't wait to go back soon to try other menu items!

Cheers Qtea Cafe!!


  1. Kung Fu Tea opened in Rockville and it's my go-to now for bubble tea. Actually, I like grass jelly option better! It's a bummer they don't have these delicious foods though. Question, what is Anna drinking? I'm always stumped what to order for the kids with no caffeine in it.

    1. She's drinking bubble tea....never thought about caffeine. There need to be more bubble tea places, wish there was one right in Tysons!

  2. Yes, it's sad that something like this is worth getting excited about. But here in the backwaters of the DC suburbs, Fairfax, VA just got a little bit more cosmopolitan. Whether or not there'll be enough business to keep its doors open is anyone's guess. But we sure hope it sticks around. If not, we're back to driving up to Rockville, MD for decent Asian fare...


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