we are painting the house!
And the kids are helping!

Haha, NOT.

I mean, we really ARE painting our house, but we know better and have outsourced it to the same professionals that painted the house 5 years ago. We are going with light gray this time and the entire first level is getting a fresh coat (except the family room and the breakfast area that we are keeping as-is). Then upstairs: the master bedroom, hallway, and guest bedroom are all getting the same light gray color, including all the closets.

So speaking of closets...our only main job during this entire process is to clear them for the painters. The mudroom closet, hallway closet, guest bedroom closet, linen closet, and our master bedroom closet. That's a lot of closets and our house currently looks like a war zone. Stuff spilling everywhere. Now, for me, I can live with a dust bunny or two (okay, a lot), but clutter and disorganization drive me insane. A good chunk of this weekend will be spent putting things away.

Last night as I was clearing our master bedroom closet, I ended up throwing 3 trash bag full of clothes away. And it felt good! It had been forever since I purged and it was long overdue. I don't think I had worn a SINGLE piece of clothing that was thrown away in the last 5 years.

- dusty old suits (hand-me-downs from my 5-feet, 100-pound SIL, how did THAT happen??)
- tiny fitted tees/tank tops (that I will never wear again due to my expanding midsection)
- raggedly freebie t-shirts
- short shorts
- lots of pants (again, midsection).

I was on a roll. I figured, the more I throw away, the less I have to fold and put back.

But what was not in the trash pile? A couple of sentimental examples:
- that high school graduation t-shirt from 1996
- that long-sleeve with holes that I had since my college dorm-living days
- those fun graphic shirts that I am saving for Anna, hehe
- that old, old purple pj set I wore after delivering my two babies at the hospital

Anyway, this is just the beginning of some major home improvement we are doing. Early next month we are getting new floors installed (hello, gleaming hardwood!) and then a new vanity for the powder room. Will keep the blog updated for sure!! xo


  1. Sounds exciting - fresh paint AND cleaning out the closets. The next best motivation for clearing out. The first being moving! Can't wait to see new pics of the house!

    1. I am staying where I am, never going to move!!

  2. So glad to have gotten rid of that "mistake" paint from when we first moved in. Nothing like coming home and seeing walls that were more blue than grey. But this time around, armed with some samples, we actually got it right. Oh well, someone's gotta keep the painters in business, why not us...

  3. Hope you are all done by now and everything looks good!


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