the children, fall 2015

It’s time for an update on the children and our current family life.


This is Anna’s fourth week at school and she is doing great. I can see her having lots of fun because every day when I pick her up, she’s always all smiles, with stories to tell.
- “Today we went to the library and guess what?! I got two books this time! I got a princess book and a Pokemon book. Will is going to like the Pokemon book.”
- “Mama, today we had a drill and all the kids AND two teachers were all in the bathroom together.”
- She tells me that she follows directions and does her work all on her own, while the other kids “cut all over the place.”
- She tells me that she never sits in the time-out chair.
- When I asked her, “ Do you think your teacher will tell Mama good stuff about you when I meet with her?” She exclaimed, “YES!”

So all in all, she’s doing absolutely great at school.

Right now, Anna goes to before-care. We got a spot around the middle of August and signed her up immediately. Her kindergarten class doesn’t start until 9:20a, so when I drop her off at school at 8a, she goes to before-care. At first, she cried at drop-off and I thought, OMG, it’s happening all over again, but she's all good now :) Still, I know before-care isn’t her favorite place and I can see why. The teachers aren’t as warm and there are bigger kids all around. But right now, this is our best/only option. Luckily, it’s only an hour before she lines up and go to her kindergarten class, which she adores.

On Saturdays, Anna has ballet and piano. Our Saturday mornings are completely booked because of her activities. I am still debating on whether or not to keep ballet. Anna has lots of fun and all, but I can’t help and think, what’s the point? It just doesn’t seem like a life-long skill to me…. But for now, Anna likes it so we will just keep chugging along.

I am Anna’s #1. She wants to live with me forever and she said so herself. Haha, we will see what she says in a couple of years.


Will used to be my golden boy, but now he can be defiant, whiny and a pain in the butt. Ok, so really I don’t think he’s THAT bad, but things have definitely changed. I get so mad and impatient with him when I have to repeat myself, especially when I am trying to get stuff done. And his whines, the are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Anna never whined…..just cried uncontrollably….and I can't believe I am saying this, but that was actually a lot better.

I know, however, that this is just a stage and it will pass :)

Will is doing well at school. He made great friends this summer, and I had hoped that they would all be in the same class this fall, but actually, none of them are in the same class! So he’s starting from scratch. I feel out of touch with Will’s school world because Luke handles Will’s drop-offs and pick-ups. Last Friday was “A” Week show and tell and I had a #momfail moment when I completely forgot about it. Poor guy had to settle for an acorn from his classroom “A” box.

Two weeks ago we went to the “Parent Tea” at his school and learned about the curriculum. It seems so easy -- learning the alphabets, their sounds, numbers. Will knows all that and a lot more. I suspect, academically, school is easy for Will, but that's not a complaint because there is always more to learn in life. Like, how to stop whining and listen to your parents.


Ninety percent of the time, Anna and Will get along fabulously. They play together really well and help each other out. The other 10%, however, involves Anna throwing a book at Will that left a bruise on his face, just in time for picture day. So yes, it’s safe to say they have that normal endearing sibling bond.

They are very competitive…over small matters.
“I want to go potty first!”
“Anna, I just gave Mama 10 hugs and 10 kisses.”
“I gave her 11.”
“I want to get the maaaaaaaail.”

If one sees the other doing something, all of a sudden, that something becomes the cause of a huge battle.


Even though it doesn't always feel like it, we are at a pretty sweet parenting stage right now. Kids are still cute and want to hang around us and say fun things, but not old enough to have their own personal lives yet. We have a set routine and life overall is good.

And now that they are older, it's easy to just drop the kids off at my parents' house for a couple of hours and we can go off on our own. As of this month, we have been married for 8 years :) Over the weekend, we finally went on our anniversary lunch date.
Ramen at Ki No Spoon in Rockville.

I am on a quest to find the best ramen in the area!


  1. I heard that ramen is good! Let me know if you find the best ramen. I have high standards ever since I went to Japan. The best I've had is in NYC.

    Great update on the kids! They are growing into beautifully wonderful children. yes, even the whiny Will ;).

    My kids whine so much! Irks me so bad.

    1. Hi Lisa! My SIL raved about a ramen place in NYC too....what's the name of the one you are referring to?

      Do you have a favorite in the area? Japan is a liiiiiiittle too far. :)

    2. No idea. My SIL would know! It's on a street with lots of Japanese places, especially those that do the BBQ "on a stick" stuff.

  2. Nice update. I smiled about them being competitive regarding the potty because my kids do the same thing. Somehow going to the potty first is important to them :)
    And so true about this stage, my husband and I have been able to go out more by ourselves. BTW, that ramen looks delicious. I need to find a good one near us.

  3. great to get a little glimpse into the going on's of your family.
    the boys have a similar thing happening.. H is teething and is a little extra clingy making D equally clingy.. we have three balloons in the house but they both fight over one.. it's ridiculous.
    Good to hear Anna is having such a great time in school.
    Happy Anniversary.. we will be celebrating 8 years in December.


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