One day a year, I love my company.

And yesterday was that day :) Kings Dominion...entirely freeeeee!!
We only stayed for 3 hours, but it felt like we did all the rides that we wanted anyway. Both kids had a great time at Planet Snoopy. I, on the other hand, am definitely becoming more and more indifferent about theme parks. I mean, I love watching the kids laugh and have fun, but I am happy to just watch them from the sidelines. I got on a grand total of 2 rides yesterday and that was plenty enough for me.
The highlight of the trip was winning those Pikachu stuffies. For the first game, it was Anna, Will, and hubs competing so it was a sure win. The second game, we competed against someone else and luckily we (Luke, but Will "helped") won! The kids have been watching Pokemon cartoons lately and they were thrilled with their prizes. In fact, Anna was so happy she said, "I hope this isn't a dream!" Haha, kids are funny.

The only thing I cared about was getting my family picture in front of the fountains. See my collection: 2012, 2013, and 2014.
Until next September!


  1. Nice family photo! So cute that they're excited about the Pikachu stuffed animals :)
    What a nice company perk! My company used offer one evening for employees at six flags, but they discontinued it. I wish they'll bring it back.

    1. My company used to have free movies in the movie theater and anything you want from the concession stand. Soooo nice. I remember eating pizza, chicken fingers, popcorn and all the candies at 9 in the morning!

  2. Too bad you don't love it year round but at least it's bearable. Yay for KD day! Glad the kids enjoyed their rides and their new toys. LOL "hope this isn't a dream". Glad you got your annual photo!

    1. Hi Lisa, actually, I just thought that was a good post title. I do like my company a lot, they have been very nice to me. My actual job however is a bore, but you know I can't complain!

  3. This is one of those things that is purely for the kids. While I do have to admit, I personally still enjoy getting tossed around in these little rides, it's all worth it just seeing the smile on the kids' faces. As for the traffic on 95....

  4. aww.. how little they used to be.. i love the idea of taking a family picture in the same place every year..
    they seem to have had a brilliant time

  5. I could love your company too!!!



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