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It's funny because most of the time, I don't have enough content to keep this old blog of mine going, but when I do have things to post (so many things to say about LA), I can't muster up the energy to recap the vacation day by day. So...I am taking the easy way out. Here is my last post on LA to cover all the nuts and bolts of our trip...enjoy!

Favorite #1: Haha, I think the Hollywood Blvd is about as touristy as you can get in LA. The kids were completely bored by it, but I sure had a great time walking up and down the Walk of Fame and browsing cheesy souvenir shops. So glad that Luke's relatives took us there even though it wasn't on my list of things to see.
^^Me and the kids posing with George Cloony's hand and foot prints.^^
^^Spider-Man, Will, Uncle Vincent^^

Favorite #2: Santa Monica Pier is a local landmark and a must-visit. The kids had just as much fun here than they had at Disneyland. We all went on the giant Ferris wheel and the kids went on all the kiddie rides, including driving their very first bumper cars! We finished it off with hot funnel cake with powdered sugar on top. The kids were in heaven.
Favorite #3: The Little Tokyo in LA was a fun place to browse and shop after a big bowl of ramen. The kids spent most of their vacation money here. They both got a sword and a teeny tiny plush toy (lion for Anna, whale for Will). Unfortunately, the swords are already broken and Will lost his whale :( Update: Whale found!
Favorite #4: Ranch 99!! More specifically, its hot Taiwanese breakfast. I especially loved the congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥) and rice roll (飯糰). So good and cheap! Wish we had something like this close to home.
Favorite #5: Speaking of Ranch 99 day we ordered a bunch of food to go and had a picnic at the Griffith Observatory. We ate at the top of LA with the Hollywood sign (can you see it?) as our view.
^^We walked a little trail to get a better view of downtown LA.^^

Favorite #6: Need I say more?
Favorite #7: This 21 year old car (Luke remembers when his uncle first bought it!) that took us everywhere.
^^The kids called it "fluffy car" because it was so comfortable.^^

Favorite #8: No trip to LA would be complete without dipping our toes in the ocean. We visited so many beaches during our week-long stay! A word to the wise: California sun is strong...a beach tent is a must!
^^This was actually under our shady tent.^^

Favorite #9: This. Right across the street from Luke's uncle's place.
Favorite #9: Disneyland, which I already wrote a whole post on it.
Favorite #10: Honestly, everything about LA is a favorite :) From Luke's cousin teaching the kids how to swim (he works as a swim instructor and is great with kids) to meeting up with my own aunts and uncles for a great authentic Taiwanese meal in Rowland Heights. But but but, if I had to pick one most would be this guy right here:
He (and his family) made our vacation they way vacations are supposed to be -- relaxing, fun, adventurous, full of good food and good company.

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  1. Wow that shaved ice is huge and delicious looking, as well as the Taiwanese breakfast!!! And so cool uncle taught them to swim! How small were these bumper cars that your kids can drive?? J's always so bummed when he can't drive any of the cars at amusement parks :(.

    1. After 90 minutes of swim lesson from Luke's cousin, the kids actually improved a lot. I didn't expect too much result just from one lesson. His cousin said, though, that his lessons are typically 30 minutes long, so they essentially had 3 lessons. I think if the kids had a few more lessons with the cousin, they would totally be swimming.

      There were two sections to the bumper cars, one for older kids and one for younger (smaller, less intense). I didn't pay attention to the size of the bumper cars, but my kids could definitely drive them. Anna drove better than Will :)

  2. So I honestly did not expect much out of this trip. I mean, it's LA. Smog, traffic, and lots of beaches. But the hospitality of my uncle's family made a world of difference. Definitely a trip that we'll all remember for years to come.


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