The kids started school yesterday and here are the first-day photos!
The day finally came -- Anna officially entered public school! I am happy that our monthly tuition bill just got cut in half, but sad at the same time that she's one year closer to college :( Time goes by way too fast. Yesterday morning was a rush. The kids are still on west coast time, sleeping in later than normal. But there I was, trying to hurry everyone along so I could get to work, get my hours in, and then leave to pick up my kindergartner in the afternoon. We did it, but not without some bumps and bruises.

Anna had a great first day of school (the teacher told me herself), except for a hiccup at the end. In summary: her teacher didn't know that I was coming to pick her up and sent her to the bus line instead. Luckily, Anna stayed firm and told them that "Mama said no bus, she's coming to pick me up." But when I found her in the office (after waiting outside in the car rider line for over 15 minutes under the scorching sun), she was sobbing and obviously feeling very distressed. I felt so sad. Now that the miscommunication has been cleared up, I hope today goes better for her. All that aside though, we were so proud of her for standing her ground. (Haha, Luke said he would've got on.)
As for Will, he's back at the school where he enjoyed his entire summer. Not much transition for him, which is very nice. He might be missing his sister though.

Anyway, here's to a great school year!


  1. Glad first day went ok except for the mishap. We had a bus mishap too which I can share via email (or maybe I already did?). Anywho, hope today is better! It's nice you don't have to pay before/after care. We do, so our childcare hasn't changed a bit. J's went down but O's went up since we switched her to the same place J has before/after care. Nice that Will didn't have to transition. I was super stressed because both my kids were transitioning to something new. Not surprising, they are both doing great in their 2nd weeks. Kids, they are resilient.

    1. Hi Lisa! You did not share your bus mishap with me. Please do so (via email)! Our incident happened because we didn't attend the Open House (we were in Cali) and during that time, the teacher asked the parents how each of their child will be getting home on the first day. Well, of course, the teacher didn't receive anything from us so she just assumed that she was riding the bus (since she officially is a bus-rider, but we are just choosing to pick up her), even though she had a car-rider tag number on her backpack. Anyway, the second day went much better; she was the FIRST to come out. She was happy to see me.

      We actually do have before-care as well. School opens way too late for me to stay home and wait for her to go to school. But the cost is like 10% of her preschool tuition so not too bad.\

      Good to hear that everything is going well for your kids!!

  2. Lots of things to be scared of as a parent, but first days of schools are on the top of my list. Just glad both kids did well and continue to do so. Can't imagine we have another 20 years of this mess to look forward to...


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