thursday morning catch-ups.

/1/ Today is the last day of summer program for the kids. And for Anna, it is her very last day at this school. Why do kids have to grow up? Why? WHYYYYY??? Someone pass me a tissue. She's thisclose in starting real legit school...but before she does....

/2/ we are off to sunny California tomorrow for a family vacay! Los Angeles, to be exact. Cerritos, to be even more exact. Basically, we will be 15 minutes from Disneyland. If you know anything about us, you already know that a trip to see Mickey and Minnie will be a must. Other than that, we don't have much planned or scheduled. Just going to hopefully eat lots of good authentic Taiwanese food and hit up a beach or two. I am pretty excited because sometimes the best vacation days are the unplanned ones, and if that is any indication, we are going to have an awesome time! 

/3/ But nothing is packed, and I mean NOTHING, so tonight will be busy.

/4/ The other day in the car, this funny thing happened:

Will: *ACHOO!*
Us: *crickets*
Will: Bless you to myself.

3 year olds are soooooo funny :)


  1. Say hi to Mickey for me!

    Got to smile at Will huh? :)

  2. Bless you to myself, HILARIOUS! Have fun in California! Going only for 2 days???

    1. School started for us the day after Labor day. That has always been the case for FFX.

  3. lol cute..
    a trip sounds great.. we just got back from our very on trip and it was just what we needed to wrap us summer

  4. Hope you had fun in California!


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