Our Very Own Pinnable Travel Map

This project was entirely Luke's idea. It's not perfect, but kids don't care about perfection and neither do we. He simply bought a cheap $5 map online and $2 foam boards at the Dollar Tree, and half an hour of cutting (xacto knife) and gluing (regular school glue stick did the trick) later, we got this big piece of wall decor to hang up in the kids room.

Wall decor aside though, this is a great learning tool for the kids. Now that they are older, it's time for them to be more aware of this big world of ours. The blue pin is where we live and the next place we pinned was....drum-roll....Orlando! So many memories we've had down there.
The map was shipped folded so lots of creases but it is colorful and accurate, which is the most important.
We are still trying to come up with a pinning system. I know we will pin the places that Luke and I have traveled together, as well as, of course, the places we have traveled as a family with the kids. In different colors to differentiate. But what about the places we've gone separately? I don't want to end up with a messy map so we will probably skip those.

The best thing about this project was that from the time the map showed up in the mail to completion, it was less than a week. No procrastination in getting it done! We feel so proud. I can't wait to keep adding to it and tracking our travel memories for years to come.


  1. Great way to track your traveling and for the kids to learn about the world. Heck, it'd be good for me to refresh my horrible geography lesson! If you visit a place multiple times, maybe little flags attached to the pins to say how many times you've been there.

  2. Maybe you could write a number on a "other" color pin and put in a book a list of who all went to that place?

  3. That's so great! You know I've been meaning to put up a similar map but I've been just waiting to find the perfect map. I may just do what you did! No need to overthink it (which I tend to do a lot).

    1. When I overthink, I never get around to it! I know whatever you come up with is going to be great.


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