Day in the Life (Summer 2015) (Solo Parenting)

While solo parenting this week, I decided to document our everyday life. As I write this, summer is coming to an end for the kiddos. Next Thursday is their last day of summer school and then Anna starts ELEMENTARY SCHOOL shortly after. I am having some serious mixed emotions about it :) :( :'( :D But for now, I am putting all that aside and savoring the last few weeks of carefree summer. Also, very excited about our trip coming up!
6:17AM - The kids love it when Luke is on travel because that means MAMA BED! See that pillow at the foot of the bed? It's mine.
8:21AM - En route to school!
8:35AM - Oopsie! Drop-off this morning took longer than usual because Anna's teacher was chatting me up about reading and math. Then when I passed the bulletin board, I stopped to take some pictures because I had the camera with me. Such a fun summer they are having!

(The next 8 hours is filled with boring work stuff that no one cares about. But I've said it before and I will shout out again, I love my 3-minute commute! So even if my job is mind-numbing? It's okay because having a job that's non-stressful is great for this working mom.)
4:49PM - Home and crazy shenanigans begin.
4:52PM - This is to depict just how dirty Anna is after a day of school. Dirty clothes, dirty everything, ESPECIALLY HER TOES.
5:57PM -Dinner. Done. Dishes. Done.
6:23PM - This is what cool looks like :)
6:28PM - More shenanigans.
6:36PM - Usually practicing piano (with me) isn't her fave, but momentum was strong this night.
6:52PM - Ugh, not a fan of posting picture of myself in lounge wear, but I feel the need to put one more picture of me in this solo parenting post. Also: pretend the messy closet isn't there.
7:07PM - Both kids in the tub to get squeaky clean.

Full disclosure: I took these pictures over the course of two days, but it summarizes our typical weekday pretty well.


  1. Yay, you did it! A day in the life (even if it was over 2 days!). I'll always be jealous of your 3 min commute :). I have mixed feelings about kindergarten as well....but in general, I'm excited for this new milestone!

    1. I am looking forward to the new milestone too, but I also want her to just stay little and go to a little school. Now it's just going to get bigger and bigger from now on :(

  2. I love that "selfie" shot of you and Anna in the car!

    In general terms, what do you do at work?

    1. Government contractor, program management type stuff. Read = very dull. But good for me!


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