summer time is FUN time!

This summer is swooshing by too fast.
it's western round up week at school
I can't believe the summer program that the kids are attending is almost half way over. It has been awesome and they are both happy to go to school each day. So far, the weekly themes have been Animal Planet, Space is the Place, America the Beautiful (which we missed because of Williamsburg), and Moovin & Groovin & Disco Days.

This week is Western Round-Up and you can see Anna's little cute artwork above. I love that picture of her in jail too, haha. Each Thursday is Party Day! and that really just means extra fun. Like tomorrow, in addition to a special lunch of hot dogs, chips, and watermelon, the school is bringing in real ponies for pony rides. How fun is that?! I am sure there are lots of  amazing summer programs/camps out there, but this one is perfect for us.


  1. Laffs. Does Anna know what cattle "russlin'" actually is? I wouldn't be surprised at all if she did!

  2. What a great drawing! We kept our son in the same school for their summer program but it doesn't seem that "summery" except for field trips every week and at least 2 water days. Do they have nothing else to do, LOL? Next year, we'll consider a Bar-T program because it sounds like the summer camps of 'yore ;).

    1. I am already thinking about next summer too and I think it's going to involve a trip to Taiwan. It's going to be hot and humid, but it just makes more sense because the summer camp tuition saved will help pay for the trip. We will stay for ~a month. At first, we considered this December, but Anna would have to miss school and we would still have to pay for Will's tuition.

      Just a thought for now, but putting it on the blog (even if it is just in the comment section) will keep me accountable!

    2. I never thought of it that, to save on summer camp fees!

    3. Wouldn't THAT be nice! I'll let you know if we decide to go next summer!


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