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One day last week I stayed up late to make a photo book for our most recent Williamsburg vacation. It only took me ~2 hours from start to finish since I only had 5 days worth of pictures to go through. This is exactly the reason why I choose to make "vacation" photo books instead of "yearly" photo books. It's just easier for me to manage. And I know that if I want something done, I need to make it as easy as possible for myself.

(For photos that are taken during the rest of the year, I just print them in 4x6s and stuff them in albums.)

Anyway, time for some show and tell :)

For this photo book, I tried layouts that spread across two pages and it didn't work out as I expected, as you can see below. The problem can be fixed with Shuttefly's "layflat" option for a seamless display, but that's a premium option that cost extra.
Another way to fix the problem is to just use pictures that are OK to be cut off, like this one.
Here is another bad one. I took a picture of hubs, Anna, and Will at the beach in Jamestown, but Will's little body is lost between the two pages.
I love this layout for all the miscellaneous pictures.
I had a free promotion code for the book so it was free, but shipping was $8. It's definitely cheaper to just print out the pictures individually, but I love that books are more storytelling and that is worth it for me.


  1. Aww, great design! Yes, the pics that cross pages (or even just close to the middle) are trouble-some. Live and learn, right?! I ALWAYS use codes when I make photobooks. I got a deal from MyCokeRewards for an 8x8 book for only 5 points. A 20-oz soda cap = 3pts.

  2. Such a beautiful book - I am left to wonder how many photos end up in albums every year! :)


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