monday morning catch ups.

/1/ Have you ever kept on watching a show because you have invested so much time in it that you just HAVE to finish? That's how I feel about this latest Taiwanese drama I am watching - Dear Mom. This is one of those shows that's so slow-moving and full of nonsense that I bet even if I skip a few episodes, I won't miss anything significant. Haha, Luke can testify. I am tempted to just watch the last episode to see how it all turn out, but of course, I won't :) However, just to make sure I don't waste too much time, I do do something that I consider productive while watching, like make a photo book, blog, or reserve library books for the kids.

/2/ This Sunday was hot hot HOT! Even though we were at the tennis court by 9 in the morning, after 20 minutes of chasing tennis balls, both kids were completely drenched in sweat.
On another note, recently, Luke decided to start playing tennis with the kids. We got them kids rackets and, just today, kids tennis balls. They do OK for total beginners. I will say they can actually hit the ball 50% of the time. They seem to enjoy it though, so maybe this is a new activity we can do as a family.  

/3/ After we came home from tennis, Luke found their inflatable pool and filled it up with water. The kids then proceeded to have all sort of crazy fun in the screen-in porch for the next two hours. There were lots of laughter, silliness, and creative play -- very fun for the adults to watch while sitting on the couch inside our air-conditioned home. It definitely beat going anywhere outside in the heat!
/4/ Now that the kids play so well together and we are mostly hands-off, I will have moments in the day which I literally have NOTHING TO DO. For now, whenever I have those moments, I like to play the piano. I only took lessons for two and half years and honestly don't remember much of it, but the most basic I can still do. Yesterday I found one of my old recital programs (from 1993!) and it looked like I played Fur Elise... So of course, I dug up the sheet music and pretty much butchered my way through this Beethoven classic, but I can see myself improving with more practice.

/5/ This is a pretty short "catch ups" post because really not much is going on with our family. But I don't want to go silent for too long either since I know when I look back on the blog, I will think, "Hey, whatever happened to July 2015?" Well, just for the record, we are spending lots of time just being home this summer. I will also say that this summer the kids have been getting along fantastically, growing closer. Maybe going to the same summer program has increase their sibling bond? Either way, it has left me with more free time than I have ever had since becoming a mom.   


  1. I hope it cools off soon - it was miserable Sunday!

    That picture of Will with his tennis gear is so precious!

  2. Very cool they like tennis since that was the one sport I was not horrible at! And veeeerry cool the kids can play together and you have free time! Gives me hope, hehe. Awesome you're playing the piano again!


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