monday morning catch ups. (our weekend)

/1/ These "catch up" posts are becoming a norm. I like them because they are easy to write and they capture life snippets that wouldn't have otherwise made it to the blog. So here is this Monday's edition, welcome!

/2/ We went to a new-to-us place on Friday night - the Plaza at Tysons Corner :) This new discovery is practically in our backyard (ok, a 5-minute drive) and is basically a fun, lively pedestrian walkway that connects the new silver line metro to the mall. The kids each had a coupon for a free custard at Shake Shack (located at the Plaza), so after dinner at TGI Friday's, off we went. The custard turned out to be so-so (not sure what the hype is all about?), but the Plaza itself was pretty cool. We happily discovered a playground, ping pong table, corn hole, jumbo chess, and a little area to dip their feet. Or in Anna's case, her entire butt.
We will be sure to return whenever we go to the mall now :)
/3/ Every so often, Luke likes to go to EC Lawrence Park. There is a pond there (not pictured) where he can grab some plants for the fish tanks at home. This time when we went, we also took the kids to the creek nearby. The highlight of the excursion was when hubs caught a small tiny catfish. The kids oooh'ed and ahhh'ed over it. Haha, so did Luke.
"I wish I could take him home."
We also walked a little stretch of the trail in the park and saw this hollow tree. I made the kids pose in front of it.
/4/ We have been going to Clemyjontri since Anna could walk. This Sunday when we went, looking around, I think Anna was one of the oldest there. Maybe the older kids are on a different schedule, like Luke said, but I can't help but feel that Anna will soon outgrow this place. As they the blink of an eye....::insert all the sad emojis::
Thanks to my mom's county employment status, we get free tokens to ride on the carousel so it's a must-do for us whenever we visit the "rainbow park." Click here for Anna's very first carousel ride, LOL.

/5/ Other things from the weekend:
- back to school shopping...kindergarten, here we come!
- a fresh stack of books from the library
- two big grocery shopping trips to load up the fridge
- reading this book and feeling really inadequate
- new fruit bowl from TJMaxx. Will found it.
- Sunday night dinner from China King -- "Mama didn't have to cook tonight!"
- kids enjoying themselves at a nearby neighborhood park, another discovery
- new haircut for Will


  1. Got to love that smile Anna has! :)

    Luke caught the fish barehanded? That's a pretty good trick!

    1. He did! I think he said something along the line of, I never thought I would catch a catfish in my life...

  2. Love the Monday Morning posts! That place sounds great at Tyson's Corner! I like the burgers at Shake Shack but don't like their shakes, so know what you mean. At least it was free! And yes, kids grow so fast!!!!! I can't wait to buy school supplies. It's my favorite time of year ;).


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