Will's first Last Day of school

Yup, there is definitely a difference between Will's first and last day of school pictures!
Will_Last Day 12June15
school year 2014-2015
Now that Will is officially done, I feel comfortable disclosing the name of the school that the kids took turns attending the last two and half years. Anna attended Parkwood School (in Vienna, VA) from January 2013 to June 2014. And Will from September 2014 to June 2015. Originally, I wanted the kids to go to Parkwood together this past school year, but when we lost grandma-care, it just made sense to enroll Anna in a full-time program elsewhere. Will was too young for the FT program, so we sent him to Parkwood in the morning, and an in-home daycare in the afternoon. But now that he IS old enough, we switched him to his new school (first day of summer program today!) and said goodbye to Parkwood last Friday.
While Anna never warmed up to Parkwood completely, Will had a fantastic first year of preschool. He enjoyed all the singing, dancing, crafting, and learning. He made great friends and his teacher, Mrs. Weiss, wrote on his report card, "Will is such a joy to have in the classroom." I couldn't have asked for a better year, even though it sure was a lot of trouble picking him up at noon every day. Thanks to my dad for helping to make it happen :)

All in all, Parkwood has been wonderful -- a warm and loving environment, with spectacular teachers. It's hard to say goodbye, I will surely miss the place that my kids had spent their earliest school years.


  1. what a difference a year makes.. he looks like such a big boy!

  2. Replies
    1. He also had a fantastic first year of preschool. Made lots of friends and really enjoyed the dancing, learning, and singing!

  3. Funny how these pictures help to put things into perspective. Other than seeing shoes and shirts go by the wayside, it's hard to truly so how much they change in such short amount of time...

  4. He's definitely taller and thinned out over the year. It's amazing the changes. So glad you liked your school. I think that's better than not being able to wait until you can leave for something better. Hope they have great summers!


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