The Lu'au

We attended a lu'au for the second time ever the other night (the first time was two years ago in Maui with the kids). To my surprise, our second experience was a lot more fun. When we arrived, we were given fresh leis to wear and drinks to sipped on. Then people just mingled while waiting for the imu ceremony.
The imu ceremony consisted of digging up the coals and stones and then removing layers of cloth and leaves from the pit oven to expose the cooked pig. Last time I only caught a glimpse of it (probably off chasing the kids somewhere?), but this time I was front and center to take pictures.
Then we were seated at the dining area and I quickly got in line for the buffet. It was fun for me to "style" my dinner. I even took a flower from the buffet line and put it on my tray :) The food was scrumptious! Really, I devoured everything.
After the sun set, entertainment started. No pictures of the hula girls because it was too dark and photography wasn't allowed anyway. Even though by that point I was dozing in and out (I am still on EST), I still enjoyed watching the singing and dancing and fire-eating. It was a good night!


  1. Have a safe and uneventful journey home.

  2. oh wow.. looks like a great time!

  3. Great photo of you 2! Amazing what you can observe by not chasing kids :). The food looked great!


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