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We arrived to the western side of the island on Wednesday afternoon and started the company-sponsored portion of the vacation. I tell Luke that I can definitely get use to these incentive trips. It's the highlight of my June :) Last year was our first at Aruba and I thought that was wonderful already, even with the sand blasting in my face. But this year on the Big Island, there is much more to do than just staying at the resort. Last night we attended a fun Luau. This afternoon is our ATV activity. Every meal we have had has been phenomenal, from authentic kalua pig to shrimp siumai, all without the work of preparing and cleaning. It's a real treat! Ah...this is the life....
Staying at the Fairmont Orchid is just a bit different than staying at zen garden room :)
Wow, so nice to have daily service (including turndown)! Having stayed at zen garden room makes you appreciate these little things!
We went out for an early swim, which I thought might be cold, but it turned out the water was just the right temperature, almost like cool bath water. Kids would love this!
Not only we get a free trip, we also received free gifts upon arrival. We each got to pick something from a collection of Tommy Bahama stuff. Luke couldn't find anything for himself so he gave his credit to me. I got me two new dresses :)
We fly home tomorrow night, but not until late so we essentially have another whole day. I am looking forward in going home to the kids, though. School is wrapping up for them next week and there are many activities that I want to be around for to attend. Luke and I are also talking about a family trip somewhere in July so we need to get on with the planning. Busy busy days ahead!


  1. I'm glad you had so much fun!!

    With your photos - it's like I got a vacation too!

  2. Even though I'm not a big fan of Kona in relation to Hilo, the Fairmont Orchid makes it a wonderful place and experience. The only knock against it is its location, it's just too far away from anything. Anything Hawaiian is a good 40 minutes away. But if one were to just stay at the resort, this is the place to be.

  3. So nice of you him to give you his credit so you got 2 dresses! What a nice company perk!!


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