it was her best year yet!

What a difference 9 months make!
Physically, Anna might have only grown an inch or two this school year, but she has made leaps and bounds in all other ways. I am so proud of this girl of mine!
Anna_Last Day of School_11June15
Last summer in July, I was torn between keeping Anna at her old school or moving her to this new one. She already didn't like school very much, and I knew adjusting to a new environment wouldn't come easy. But I am SO glad that Luke pushed me to sign her up. Because what this school had done for her has been amazing. She's now this active kid who LOVES school. The transformation has just been so great to see!

Yesterday was the last day of school and they had a little graduation ceremony for the kindergartners. It was another fun school event for me to attend. First the Director made a little speech...and then the class sang the "unofficial" school song for the parents. I am glad I recorded it because I have been watching it non-stop. It still makes me teary each time...

After the song, we all went outside to the school's "secret garden" for the actual hand-out of the diplomas.
Congratulations Anna, you did it!
The last day of school was all about fun. The kids had worn their bathing suits underneath their clothes and off they went for some water play! Besides those tiny pools, the school also had an inflatable pool completed with a slide. I took this one last picture of her before leaving to go back to work.
Today she has off, but on Monday she returns for the summer program. THEN it's off to PUBLIC ELEMENTARY in the fall. I think she's ready!


  1. So glad she had a great year and your arms look really buff in that one photo :). I can't believe we'll have kindergarteners in the fall!

    1. oh haha, i didn't even notice that! i can assure you that my arms are definitely not buff. they are softer than tofu. the illusion must be the combination of the awkward tan and sunlight.

  2. I hope the public school can actually teach her something. Anna is probably a year or more ahead of the "average" student.

    1. You are too kind :) Personally, I am just really looking forward in getting involved as much as I can. One of the things I remember the most about my elementary school years is my mom chaperoning my 6th grade class on a field trip to Philly. I want to do that for my kids too!

  3. oh that sounds wonderful.. congratualtions to Anna. It is such a joy to see our kids grow and bloom.

  4. I don't recall ever enjoying school as much as Anna does. Then again, she hasn't really experienced the down and dirty parts that come along down the road. But you know what, I think she'll be fine...


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