Along the Puna Coast: Kapoho Tide Pools

Yesterday morning we spent an hour or two exploring the Kapoho tide pools. The water was calm and clear and even without a waterproof camera, we got some good shots of the colorful fishes swimming by our feet just by looking down. The further out we walked, the deeper the pools got and eventually we put on our snorkeling gear and went out for a swim. We saw stunning corals and even bigger fishes, some traveling in schools!
To get between the pools, we had to climb on sharp lava rocks. Definitely was glad that we remembered our water shoes. The rocks were slippery too. I fell once :( Luckily, no major injuries.
The only downside to this little excursion was that Luke forgot that he had his cell phone in his pocket. So now he's shopping for a new phone as I blog :)
Today we are going to a black sand beach, hoping to spot some sea turtles!


  1. Glad you're enjoying your time!! Cute couple's photo at the end! Smack head about the phone being in his pocket. Whoops!

    1. thanks lisa! everything is pretty good here, just lots of exploring with no real set agenda in mind. today we will drive to the other side of the island, to start the second half of our vacation with Luke's company. hope you are well!

  2. Totally worth it! I'd sacrifice any phone for a simple calming experience such as this. Kinda miss my own little tropical freshwater buddies at home now...

  3. I was thinking your fish at home probably wish they could have come with you!

    I wonder how many cellphones die from drowning? I'm sure yours was only one of many!


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