thursday morning catch ups.

/1/ Last weekend we went on a little food tour in Rockville MD. I had read all the glowing reviews on the fresh made-to-order dumplings at China Bistro and wanted to try them out for myself. We got 3 orders of dumplings (Mama’s Special Dumpling, Chive Shrimp Dumpling, and Fish Meat Dumpling), Spicy and Tasty Tofu, a stir fry noodle dish, and wonton soup. It turned out that the dumplings were just fine, but what I really loved was the tofu dish. Yum! The skin was light and crispy, and along with the flavor of cilantro and crunchy peanuts, it was perfection! As for the dumplings, again, they were tasty enough, but expensive. Each order was $10 for 12 dumplings, and $1 extra to get them pan-fried. We got an order pan-friend, mostly for the kids. We will likely visit again? Just definitely not for the dumplings.

After lunch, we walked a few doors down to Asian Bakery Cafe. The kids each got to pick a slice of cake (Hello Kitty for Anna, coffee for Will) and I got an egg tart. Also, bubble tea. I don’t know about the cakes, but I loved my egg tart and bubble tea. It hit the spot.

/2/ I usually don’t think about the annual B&N Summer Reading Program until June, but Anna reminded me the other night when she, while holding her Snuggle Buddies book, said: “Remember I got this last year at the bookstore?” So the next day I looked it up, and guess what, the 2015 Reading Journal is already available. We read books all the time so we will probably have this done before Memorial Day. Just thought I would share in case any of you are interested! We love the program.

/3/ It's Teacher's Appreciation Week...are you recognizing any teachers? Um, I am not...because I always give end-of-school-year presents anyway. But! I did get the kids to make cards for their teachers. I am really very grateful for their awesome teachers. Both kids adore going to school. When Anna wakes up in the morning, she says wistfully, "I wish I was at school already." SAY WHAT? How the times have changed!

/4/ Speaking of school, this is Will's last month at his in-home daycare. In mid-June, he starts full-day summer camp at Anna's current school. So who's going to take care of him after his morning preschool for the first two weeks of June? Well, for the first week, it will be my dad because Luke and I are off...




Hawaii! The kids are staying with my parents over at their house while we are gone. Instead of driving Will from school to daycare and then picking him up in the afternoon, my dad will just bring Will straight home with him after school. It will be more convenient, not to mention money saved. As for the second week of June, we will figure something out.

/5/ So...HAWAII! We are going to the Big Island to be exact. Similar to last year's Aruba trip, this one is on the company. Except that we are extending the trip for a few days so we do need to pay our own way on those days. Of course, that's no big deal considering how much of this vacation is already F-R-E-E. Hubs and I agreed that we are going to take it slow, see what we can and not rush it. Do the stuff that we wouldn't be able to do otherwise with the eat slowly. I am excited, but I will worry and miss the kids so much (waaaaa!!).


  1. That food looks yummy. I am amazed that you and hubby can keep from getting fat!

    Oh... Hawaii sounds like such fun!!! Enjoy yourselves!

  2. I haven't been to either asian place. Good to know! Bob's Shanghai is near there with more affordable soup dumplings. Also close by is Jin River which is excellent Szechuan food. As for vacationing alone in Hawaii, so lucky! Yes, take it reeeeaaaaal slow! Hehe!

    1. oooh, thanks for the tip. I love spicy Szechuan food :)

  3. Hawaii.. without the kids.. the sounds perfect.. we are hoping to do a similar getaway late this year.. hopefully.. fingers crossed.. H and I are still working on his separation anxiety.. Have Fun!

  4. Hawaii! My husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon and we are itching to back and explore the other islands. We loved trekking into the more local areas and speaking with long time residents. Such great stories they had to share with us! :) Hope you have a wonderful time!!

    1. We also love the more local areas! For the first couple of nights, we are staying at someone's house found through airbnb!


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