May Day 2015: Here Comes a Bear

We attended our 3rd May Day this past Saturday. As always, it was held outdoors, at the school playground (look at those tall trees!). Weather-wise, it turned out to be one of the hottest days we have had so far this spring, and just around showtime, all signs pointed to an impending late-afternoon storm. FORTUNATELY, the rain held off until the last performance was done. We finished in the nick of time!

Will's class performed to Here Comes a Bear. From the look on his face, I know he loved every minute of it and had so much fun pretending to be different animals. He even requested to wear his bear shirt the very next day, which we told him was in the hamper. But I have a feeling that we are going to be seeing that shirt a lot :)

Overall, it was a successful May Day!

Our time with this school is coming to an end in 4 short weeks... It makes me sad that we will no longer have a connection to this wonderful place. Sure, the classrooms are a bit rundown and smelly, but the teachers are phenomenal. Sigh, why do kids have to grow up and move on?


  1. What a great tradition! It really is hard to say goodbye to great teachers. Hopefully the teachers are just as great in the new place.

  2. Hands-down, Will rocked that one. Not sure what all those other little ones were doing, but my kid was awesome!


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