Mama's Day 2015

Did you all have a good Mother's Day Weekend? Here is a recap of mine....
Luke's side of the family planned a potluck dinner starting at 5pm on Saturday night, so I knew I had to get the kids tired enough for a long nap in preparation for a late night. We debated about going to the Theodore Roosevelt Island in DC for one hot second, but settled for Meadowlark Gardens instead. We got there right when it opened, and literally shared the entire place with one other family. The garden was so serene and calm and peaceful, nothing like the crowd we experienced when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. The kids had lots of fun running around, including wearing these grass (bamboo) belts, haha: 
"We are going to work!"

So, the first picture of the post was actually a selfie. We took a bunch of them with my new selfie stick. Luke bought it weeks ago, but it took a while for us to figure out the camera setting. It's very cool, all we have to do is point the camera at us and it takes the picture automatically. No remote required! All I wanted for Mother's Day was a nice picture of the family and I got it.

After Meadowlark Gardens, we went out for hand-pulled noodle soup and then home for nap. The kids napped for more than 2 hours so mission accomplished.

At Grandma's house, the kids played with their cousins in the backyard.
Hmm...the potluck dinner turned out to be so-so, but these flaky taro pastries Luke's sister bought from NYC Chinatown were so good. They were the food highlight of the weekend for sure :)
little drops of heaven
Sunday morning I woke up to "Happy Mother's Day!" from the kids. We had a normal day at home, which meant that the kids fought a ton and Luke had to order them outside so I could have some quiet. I folded laundry, organized kids' closet, prepped for lunch. Then my parents came over for a simple lunch at home -- the spread included sticky rice, noodles, ribs, and veggies.

The rest of the day involved a nap, water table,
and this funny video that I am watching over and over. Oh Will...;)

Lastly, Mother's Day gifts from the kids! I got Will's sometime earlier last week. Anna brought hers home on Friday afternoon and SHE COULDN'T WAIT for me to get home to open it. I loved everything!
Overall, I had a very nice relaxing weekend with the family, which is all I would ever want for Mother's Day.


  1. Great selfie of the family! And kids are so cute in their bamboo belts!! Sounded like a great Mother's Day! Last year, I wanted to be alone for Mother's Day. This year, I'm so glad I was able to enjoy my kids since J kept showering me with Happy Mother's Days! O said Mommy's Day a few times too!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!! You deserved a special day since you are such a wonderful mom!

  3. Sounds like a great mother's day weekend! The gifts are so cute and sweet. And I love the family selfie! Makes me think I should get a selfie stick too. :)

    (sorry if this posts twice, major issues with technology today)

  4. I'm glad that simple little things like this are enough to keep Mama happy.


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