Have you taken your kids to Tidal Basin before? We did for the first time this past Saturday. At first I was worried that they would complain about walking the entire loop, but they surprised me with their good spirits. I think what made it easier was the mild weather and things we saw along the way. We parked at the parking lot right by the paddle boats and headed in the direction of the MLK Memorial.
I just love our selfie stick :)
At the FDR Memorial, we all took a potty break and posed for more pictures. I was trying to get them to look in the same direction as the statues, but they wouldn't have it.  
Luke and his mini-me Yes, the purposely matched.
Then we reached the Jefferson Memorial.
We packed some sandwiches (jelly for kids, pbj for grown-ups) and ate them at the bottom of the Jefferson Memorial. Will probably fed half of his sandwich to the ducks. It was a lot of fun. Next time, we will have to bring more bread to share.
Just as we got up to leave, Will said, "After the snacks, I have my energy again!" So we continued the rest of the way back to where we started -- the paddle boats. And off we went on a scenic boat ride...while Luke did all the grunt work. Hehe :)

To be continued....

(It took us about an hour and 20 minutes to walk the loop, with stops along the way.)


  1. Luke seems to be a real boat motor!! This isn't the first time he's been in the engine room!

    Looks like a marvelous day - and the weather was so nice!

  2. Great weekend to go! (I have no idea what parking you're talking about LOL. We usually park so far!) I can't believe you haven't been down to the Tidal Basin until this year. We went 2 years ago to see some half-open blossoms. That was before we had O.

    1. Hi Lisa! You reminded me....we have taken the kids to Tidal Basin before for those half-open blossoms you referred to (even blogged about it too), but I guess what I meant was walking the entire loop, instead of just going to a part of it to take pictures. Of course, prior to kids, I have been there many times :)

      About that parking lot, if you go to Google map and zoom in to the Tidal Basin Paddle Boats, you will see the parking lot. Super close. But go early, before 10, or else I am sure it will already be filled up. Not sure about the other days, but free to park on Saturday when we went!


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