DC DAY: Tidal Basin Paddle Boat

We ended our walk around the Tidal Basin with a spin on the paddle boat! I think paddle boating is a super fun family-friendly activity. The only downside for our family is that the kids are too small to help with the paddling and, because one adult has to sit in the back to balance the boat out, Luke does all the hard work. Luckily, he is a good sport about it and this activity was actually HIS idea :) Or maybe he just casually mentioned it and I just ran with it....?

During peak cherry blossoms, it is recommended that you make reservations online, but on this any other Saturday, we walked right in and didn't wait at all. It was $24 for 4 people for an hour.
Anyway, here are some pictures of us on the paddle boat!
On the way back, we were against the water current and Luke was getting tired...
while this was me in the back :)
Finally we were back to the dock!
The entire experience was fun, but I doubt we will be paddle boating again until the kids are old enough to help. The novelty of it wore off fast -- I think an hour is too long. The 30-minute dragon paddle boat in Baltimore is much better, IMO.


  1. Ah! Mr. Motor! :) Even without a temperature gauge, I think the engine looks a bit warm!

  2. Let's see, hot searing sun, sticky humid air, little kids that want to keep switching seats, little kids that can't seem to steer worth a damn, and hunger...all made for a crappy end to this little adventure. But now that it's done, I don't plan on doing this again for a loooooong time.

  3. How fun! I remember doing paddle boating in Baltimore which was so fun. I've been wanting to do it at the Tidal Basin but never had the opportunity. Hopefully one of these days :)

  4. Fun! I haven't been on a paddle boat with the kids. Just too expensive ;).


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