thursday morning catch ups.

/1/ I said I was going to do it and I did it. It was a big task, but I finally put all my 4x6s in chronological order! Hooray! All the kid years are present and accounted for. It feels sooo good to have it done. Now that all the pictures are sorted (my little old blog helped a ton with the dates), I noticed that I don’t have many pictures of baby/toddler Anna printed out. So before I can stuff the pictures in albums, I have to print out some more pictures. At least the ones I have now are in order.

/2/ Of all the seeds we planted a couple of weeks ago, only 3 sprouted. Bummer. So we made a run to Home Depot this past weekend and picked up a few potted herbs. In the past years, we always planted them too close and it stunted their growth. This year, we are giving each plant more wiggle room to grow. Hoping for another bountiful year!
/3/ Lately after the kids are tucked in bed, Luke and I park ourselves in front of the TV for this Taiwanese drama. Each episode is almost 2 hours long, so it’s like watching a movie every night. It's fun for me to watch - love the Yi Ren and Sheng Hua storyline :) - but Luke thinks the whole show is nonsensical (most Taiwanese drama shows are, I have to admit). He still watches it with me though.

/4/ Speaking of movie, Luke took Anna to her very first movie theater experience on Good Friday. Their movie of choice was Cinderalla. Anna was so excited and asked every day, “Is it Friday yet?” when we told her about the plan. Luke went all out and splurged for popcorn (geeze, $9!). I don’t remember ever having popcorn when we go to the movies together… Anyway, the movie was good. At least that was the report that I got. Now Will can't wait until he turns 5.

/5/ Anna is all registered for kindergarten. I went in last week and submitted all the paperwork. The administrative lady I talked to was so nice and the principal even came and introduced himself. I am looking forward in getting involved as much as I possibly can, even with my 40-hour work schedule.
/6/ Oh, this one is a biggie. We finally bite the bullet and hired a cleaning service! Last Friday was the initial clean and it turned out that everyone was right, there is nothing quite like walking into a clean home. OUR STOVE IS SPARKLING! Right now we are signed up for a clean every 4 weeks. My reasoning? Because we don’t accumulate enough mess to warrant a biweekly clean. Ha, even though I am spending money, I am still going to be cheap about it.

/7/ We said we wouldn't go to Disney World for a while after last year’s trip. Well, we are keeping our words, so we are going to DisneyLAND instead. The countdown is ON.


  1. :)

    I bet Anna is excited about Kindergarten! Maybe almost as excited about DisneyLAND!

  2. Yay for ordering and organizing your photos!!! A big task indeed! Yay for getting all signed-up for kindergarten. And so fun you're going to Disneyland. Will you do other stuff in Cali?

    1. Disneyland will be our one big thing. We are staying with Luke's uncle (south of LA) so we will do stuff locally. Like going to the parks, library, etc. Of course, I want to eat a ton. I hear there are many good Taiwanese places. I plan to have lots of bubble tea.


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