the best day ever at Frying Pan Farm Park

What a great day we had at the farm!

There was a bunch of new baby animals born just recently and we saw them all: piglets, lambs, and kids! All so very very cute. 
We browsed the country store...
and Grandma got the kids ice cream to eat on the porch.
The $3 wagon ride took us into the woods and other parts of the farm.
Then there was the playground.
And tractors to ride on.
Overall, super fun day for the kids with their grandparents!
This outing basically solidified my love and appreciation for local parks. We ended up having a picnic lunch behind the Visitor Center (didn't even know there was one until this trip! the staff member was super friendly!) and spending close to 3 hours at the farm. Is there anything better than a morning of FREE (well, nearly-free, but ice cream and wagon rides were nice extras) family fun, less than 25 minutes away from home?
Nothing in my book :)


  1. Great day with the grandkids!

  2. I love that there's no entrance fee unlike Butler's around us which is such a rip off and for popular events, takes FOREVER to get into the parking lot (like Pumpkin Patch last year. Grrrr). Glad you had a great day outside because the weather was perfect!

    1. We definitely stay away from those places! There are lots of freebies around the DC metro area....although some are pretty bad and we stay away from those too.

  3. that looks like a great day.. :)

  4. I want to ride/drive the tractor! Such a fun place!


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