My Morning Schedule as a WOHM (w/ a 5 year old girl and a 3.5 year old boy)

It has been over a year since we lost Grandma-care and both kids have to be out of the door in the morning. Honestly? It’s going very well! We have got the routine down to a science and I am very happy with our current morning schedule.

(Anna is 5 years old and Will is 3 and half.)

6:30 - 6:55am – I either wake up naturally on my own or by Will, who rushes over to “mama bed” as soon as the toddler clock turns green. We chat and snuggle and it is just the best. About 5 minutes later, I go get Anna. I gently wake her up and bring her over. Then we all snuggle some more. Another highlight of the morning :) Luke might be there (browsing) or he might be in the basement (exercising).

6:55 – 7:10am - I get out of bed and tell the kids to go potty and get their clothes. They usually come back with half of an outfit (like shirt, but no pants), so I go to the kids’ room to get the missing pieces. They potty and I help get them dressed. Then they are off playing/fighting/doing whatever they want. I start getting ready myself.

7:10 – 7:20am – I finish getting myself ready (brush teeth, hair, makeup, clothes) and go to the kids’ room to fix their beds. I tidy up "mama room" a bit. I take their breakfast orders and scramble downstairs.

7:20 – 7:35am – My multi-tasking skills go on overdrive. I immediately put 1 pot and 1 skillet on the stove. The pot is to boil water (to warm up Anna’s lunch thermos) and the skillet is to make breakfast. The kids have been eating the same breakfast for over a year now :) This morning, Anna said, "Mama, you make the best egg sandwich ever." :) I fill up various cups and bottles (straw cups, Anna’s school bottle, Luke’s bottle) with water and prep chocolate milk (for kids and me). I lay out the kids’ breakfast before calling them to the table. Then I cook Anna's lunch for school and prep my own lunch in the meantime.
7:35 – 7:50am – Kids are eating now, but I am still busy in the kitchen. After the lunches (mine and Anna’s) are packed, I clean up the kitchen and wipe it down. Then I sit down for a bowl of cereal.
7:50 – 8:20am – TV time for the kids! They get one episode of a show that they are currently into and I feed them yogurt. Yes, we haven’t broken that habit yet. I wipe their faces, put on their socks, fix Anna’s hair, and other random things to make sure we are all ready to leave the house. I make sure that Anna has the toy that she wants to bring to school in her backpack.

8:20 – 8:30am
– We get ready to head out. Potty. Shoes. Coats. Last hugs & kisses & "have a good day!" and they are out of the door with hubs. Lately whenever Luke isn’t traveling, he has been dropping off AND picking up the kids. Such a time saver for me. After they leave, I grab my bags and keys and off to work.
By 8:35am
– At work. My short commute is priceless.

Luke makes two stops to drop off the kids. Will's school starts at 9am with drop-off begin at 8:40ish. He's always the first kid there. Anna's school starts as early as 7am with before-school care, but she arrives at around 8:45am.

We are lucky that Luke works from home and I have a short commute, but how do you do it if you have a long commute? I can't even imagine.

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  1. It's good to have that commute!

  2. Whew, what a morning(s)! I have to complain about where we live in MD. I can't get anywhere in the mornings without at least a 20 min drive. All these stinkin' traffic lights, if taking local, and traffic if on the highway. Grrr. We only live 7 miles from work! It's a sin it takes so long. You are really lucky to live 5 min from work. Seriously, I can't even get out of my development in 5 min. *SIGH* Nothing can be done and I just suck it up.

    1. I understand the frustration. I used to work at a customer site ~25 minutes away and once I badged in at the gate, it was another ~5 drive around the complex to the garage. THEN, 3-4 minute walk to the building entrance! Sigh. Total waste of my time.

  3. wow! that does work out so well with your husband working from home and your short work commute!

  4. I now work from home - and I don't miss even the short commute!


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